Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Penny Plays in the Flat Rock River

  Penny hasn't been neglected although it may seem this way.  After tweaking her back in the late winter, she had close to three months off.  When I started legging her up in the spring, she came out a touch sore on the front right.  It only showed up when the ground was hard and since she didn't have shoes on yet, I figured it was either an abscess or a stone bruise.  I had the farrier out to put shoes on and he confirmed there was an owie in there with the hoof testers.  He said not to put shoes on just yet and continue with the soaking and poulticing until the abscess came out and then he would come back to put shoes on.

  So, I poulticed and soaked for days, and then weeks.  Nothing.  So I called him to come back out and put shoes on since she was  looking better even though nothing came out.  Wouldn't you know, the day he came out there was a big hole in her sole by her toe where her abscess finally burst.  We were clear to put the shoes on and Penny was feeling %100 again.  Now, I can finally start her back up with hopes of hitting a few events soon.  We will need a lot of fitness work in the meantime, so things are starting to get planned and set in motion.

  On Sunday my friend David and I planned to go for a ride in this creek I found randomly while driving around with the hubby.  It was a small conservation are with a beautiful shallow river with clear water and a flat rock bottom.  Penny loaded right onto the trailer which was a relief as she has not yet been off property this year.  She can sometimes be sticky about the trailer but I think she has been feeling quite bored!  We picked up David and Zoe and headed on our way.

  At the park, the horses unloaded and settled right in while we tacked up.  I was really impressed with how quiet Penny was.  There were people having a picnic and the water flowing beside us and she did not have a care in the world.  We mounted up and headed straight for the river.  Both mares walked right in.  Penny seemed to enjoy the current and was taking me up stream happily.  The view was spectacular.  Sometimes in life I feel utterly and truly at peace.  This was one of those moments.

it would be hard not to be greatful for life at this point

  After some play time in the water, we went for a good hack down the road, about and hour and half of walking and a little trotting.  I have never road hacked Penny so I was very happy to see that she was an absolute gem!  Of course having Zoe for company helps as she is the best hack horse around.  After our long hack we headed back to the river to cool legs and have another play.   Shortly after we went back to the trailer and untack, have a little graze, and head home.

 What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

also, Goldenbutt is cute


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