Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Started From the Bottom Now We Here

  This is my bffs anthem.  Those who follow my blog know my best friend since highschool Dana has taken over the ride on my retired event horse Archie.  If you don't know Archie the best recap of his story is here.  Dana had been struggling to regain her confidence over fences and asked if she could try Archie when I made the decision to retire him from eventing. That story is here.  Now that we are all caught up, I can fill you in on what Archie and Dana have been up to this year.

  In May, Dana and Archie came to my farms Short Course Event and showed in the 18" - Grasshopper division.  They had an awesome day there where they came away with first place!  A few weeks ago we did the clear round jumper show at my coaches place where they had two clear rounds in the 18" division and took home two more nice red ribbons!

 Their most recent outing was to the Charleston Lake Short Course Event - which is part of the series my farm is a part of in our area.  In a large division of 12 Dana was second after dressage after putting in a really nice test with Archie.  When the jumping phase came around, the first 4 riders were eliminated.  I had no worries in our team though - I knew Archie would safely carry Dana around and Dana would keep Archie in line.  Sure enough the jumped a clear round with NO time faults...which was tough because the posted time was 200 mpm....Archie had to walk some of the course LOL!

  This perfect round was enough to give them another first place this year.  Adding another red ribbon to their collection.  Later that week I had scheduled to go schooling at Lanes End Farm with Penny and my friend.  Unfortunately my friend cancelled on me last minute - as in 10:30pm at night and I had no time to reschedule or get someone to fill the spot in my trailer for the next morning.  As the place is about 1 1/2hrs away, I didn't want to go all that way alone and scrambled to find somewhere to school to prep for my event that weekend.  I texted Dana and she said she would love to come to Canterdown after work with me to try some real cross country jumps with Archie. Whoo!

  Dana saves the day and I got to school Penny before our event.  Dana and Archie tackled all the pre entry jumps like pros!  Including Training/Prelim ditches and a little combination out of the water.  This pair is growing as a team and starting to ooze confidence.  I couldn't ask for a better home for Chi or a better horse for my bestie.  I am so blessed this team has worked out as they have.  I am so proud of both of them!

 Looking forward to the rest of the season, and hopefully more reds hanging in Danas barn!


  1. What a great story. :-) So happy for the two of them.

  2. What an awesome story! They seem to click; be a match made in Heaven. I can just see the grin on your face, stretching from ear to ear. :-)

  3. Aww I love this, everyone happy and enjoying life! :)

  4. Ahh! Yaaay!! Congrats to both of you :D


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