Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Parker and Mia Go XC Schooling at Dreamcrest

  The day before I took Penny schooling, Parker and Mia went for a rip at Dreamcrest farm.  This is a beautiful facility and they must have a hundred jumps there.  The ponies were just fabulous and we had a blast.  Parker jumped a lot of the entry level and some Pre Training level fences, while Mia jumped them all plus the Training and a few Intermediate and Prelim fences - super pony!

  I was most proud of Parker trotting right into the water.  He seems to love the water and we ended the day with him dropping into it.  First time - no issues.  Super proud of my man! Jess did the Intermediate drop into water but sadly the video footage is missing....her mom recorded her leg instead of us jumping haha - these things always happen when you trust parents with video equipment! She did get some fab pics for us though.


can I just say I am so happy I am not getting left behind all the time anymore!

got a little close this time!

this bed is too small!

well figure it out eventually

 I just have to share this story of the poor woman who was out on course with us.  She was giving a training ride on a horse boarded there.  She said he was a dressage horse who had been pampered his whole life and a total dick.  He wouldn't go into the water, even though he goes in there all the time now for schooling.  She asked us if we could be a lead and so we did.  The horse waded around in the water fine then she took him out and he refused to go back in.  She finally got him back in when he spooked at the algae floating.   She held on and then the algae floated closer to him.  He lept about 5 feet in the air and let out the biggest buck - sending her sky high ass over tea kettle....landing flat on her back into the water jump.  She was completely submerged...head to toe.  Luckily the water was a bit deep so she wasn't hurt...but my god - what an ass that horse was!  Parker just stood there and watched, as the horse then came galloping by and away to the field before Jess caught him.

I was pretty happy with my little big OTTB.


  1. What an awesome looking facility to go have a play at. You guys look great

  2. Oh that poor lady. That ass of a dressage horse sounds just like my ass of a dressage horse...

  3. Well, of course he loves water, he was born at Bog End! ;-)


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