Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Parker and Mia Show The Hunters!

On Saturday my student Nicole and I attended another local hunter schooling show at ADK Stables.  I love these shows to give Parker some miles without having to spend a fortune and be at a crazy busy event - which can be a lot to handle for a youngster.  Nicole was entered in the 2'3 and 2'6 hunter divisions and myself and Parker were set to ride in the 2'6 plus the hunter derby.

 It was forecast for lots of rain but it was a beautiful morning when we arrived.  We had plenty of time to tack up and warm up in the arena before heading to the ring for our warm up rounds.  Both horses warmed up well - and were very well behaved.  No issues with the fences or attitudes in need of adjustment!

that's Parkers "go" button

  Nicoles division ran first, the 2'3 hunters.  She did an excellent job piloting Mia around and placed 3rd in each of the over fences classes, and to a 5th in the under saddle classes.  We then started the 2'6 hunters which we both showed in.  Parker was just amazing, getting all his leads and distances.  He placed 4th, 3rd, and a surprising 1st in the hack!  Nicole did another great job and was 3rd,5th, and 6th in a very competitive division.  

 After the hunter classes we did the derby which included an adorable array of cross country type fences.  Of course, for Parker this was all very exciting and he cruised around the course like a pro.  We included some inside turns for handiness points and ended up placing 2nd!  With our blue ribbon also came an Ogilvy Baby Pad as a prize....not too shabby for this green OTTB!

 We finished by 11:30 and were home by 1pm - just beating the rain - an awesome morning of showing!

posing for pics :)

Go hunter Parkie!

all the goodies


  1. We do not have such nice prizes at our schooling shows :( me wanties lol Great job! and Congratulations!

  2. Love a good schooling series :)

  3. Yeah we get like... a little bucket. Or a dollar store mug. Even the champion prizes aren't as nice as Ogilvy baby pads!

  4. Sounds like a good time...I want prizes like that at our schooling shows!!!

  5. Way to go! Sounds like a great show :)

  6. I know, we were very lucky!! Ogilvy is close to us though so I think it is great they are sponsoring these grassroots classes!!

  7. Seriously-you get the best prizes, and you deserve them! Way to go!


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