Monday, August 18, 2014

Penny Does Dressage - Archie Continues his Winning Streak

   I know!  It seems like we are doing a lot of showing.  I guess we are!  I am liking the change from eventing.  Local schooling shows to work on my dressage and jumping skills.  Saving money on entries, gas, and the days are shorter (minus the Pony Club show lol).  PLUS I get to show with my bestie and her (my old) horse Archie!

  Not knowing how long the day was going to be Saturday, we signed up for the Temperance View Short Course on Sunday.  Dana was entered in the Grasshopper division full short course and I entered the dressage only portion for the Pre Entry division (Training level dressage test) and also did an add on for our Eventing Canada Training level dressage test.

  Dana started out the day with a brilliant dressage test placing 2nd after dressage with 67%.  We then had a few hours so we walked her course and determined Archie would make light work of it!  After our break I headed down to the dressage ring.

  Penny warmed up fairly well but she was her usual looky self.  We did our first test and there were some nice moments and some tense and distracted moments.  The judge gave us a generous 69% which was good enough to put us 6th in the dressage portion.  We did our second test Hors Concurs shortly after and Penny had become increasingly tense.  She was distracted and it was very hot.  We had some ugly moments but some OK ones too.  We scored a 62% which I feel was also generous but was our best score on that eventing Training level test.  I feel like there is a lot of room for improvement but it will just take time to get there.  We need to do a lot more dressage only to get her to relax and focus in the ring.

 Dana went and did her jumping phase while I was doing dressage.  Archie and Dana jumped their usual clear round and although Dana was stressing she may have gone too slow and incurred time penalties.  But, Dana was wrong and she had 0 penalties for cross and stadium, clinching her 3rd short course win of the year!  What can I say, they are an amazing team. :)

 We went to get our dressage tests and check scores and I was awarded with this lovely gift basket for having the best score for riders showing dressage only!  Score!  It was unexpected and a nice surprise, even if I did feel as though our tests were seriously lacking.  We were finished by 1:30 so it was a nice early day.  We headed home with our loot, another fun afternoon showing with my bestie!


  1. Glad y'all are having so much fun and being so successful :)

  2. Look at that loot, you guys made out but deservedly so!

  3. I love all the prizes you win. Makes me want to show more, haha.

  4. Yay prizes! I actually love riding just dressage in between eventing adventures:)

  5. Yay for goodies!! I'm jealous!


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