Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SLOV Regional Pony Club Showjumping Championships

  On Saturday Dana and I took our OTTBs to the local Regional Pony Club Showjumping Championships.  I know what you're thinking.  Pony Club? Isn't that for kids?  Normally, Pony Club shows are reserved for those in the club and 21 years of age and under, but our region extended their showjumping championships for the region to include non members in an effort to increase entries and interest in the club.

 With a lack of schooling shows in our area with a jumper focus, we jumped at the chance to attend (pun intended ;) ).  Not only was it at a great venue, it was affordable and offered levels from 18" all the way to 3'6" which is very rare for a schooling show here.  It's hard to find anything over 2'9" in our region and I really need to get more comfortable at the 3'3" level.  It's been a while since I showed consistently over 3" and I still find myself quite nervous at events.

  Dana has moved up from 18" and she was doing her first jumper show on Archie and at 2'.  Competition was stiff in her division with about 15 riders in each class.  You may think competing against younger Pony Clubbers is unfair but I challenge you to beat these talented little riders!  They are not only skilled riders, they have awesome horses and ponies and are out to win.  Since Dana is still working on building her confidence, her goal was to have successful rounds while in the ring.  And that they did - they were not going for speed but quality.

 They placed 4th in the optimum time, 8th in the Table C with jump off, and no placings in the speed class which was expected with trotting. Overall they didn't drop a single rail and had some really nice flowing courses, which if you know Archie is an achievement in itself.

  The only negative thing I have to say about the show was the long ass day it became.  It took two hours to run the 18" and same with the 2'.  By doing the hard math I figured it would be almost 6 pm by the time I went.  Hoping I would be wrong and things would speed 3pm we were wondering if we should just go home.  But, we were already there and I really needed the schooling so we decided to wait.  And wait...and wait.  By 6:30pm it was FINALLY my time to ride.  WHO HOO.

  Can I just use this break to explain how amazing our horses were this day?  Stood on the trailer for hours as it was much cooler in there than out in the sun.  Took Penny off, tacked her up, and she went right to business in her warm up - no fuss no muss.  Our first class was an optimum time class - closest to the pace required and jump clean wins.  Penny put in a flawless round jumping clean, the only horse to do so and clinched the win.

  Our second class was Table C with immediate jump off.  We had a great round going and on the last line I couldn't see a distance and buried her at the base of the plank and she took the jump down.  That was our only rail, so we didn't make it to jump off but we still finished 3rd!  The course was tough as the ring was grass and on a slight hill.  The sun was starting to go down and some jumps were hard to see.  Our last class was the Gamblers Choice.  

  Each jump has a set number of points - you can jump the jumps both ways and as many times as you like.  If you get a rail you don't get the points but do not have anything deducted.  After 60 seconds they blow a whistle and you can decide whether or not you want to take the Joker fence which is 200 points, however if you blow it, you lose 200 points.

 I started the Gamblers with the outside line gaining 200 points off the bat.  The spectators were surprised I would start there but I am in it to win it - and I really wanted to school that line and get it right after flying through it last class.  We had some good lines but unfortunately we had a couple jumps that I honestly don't think Penny saw them until the last minute.  The jumps were a mixture of in shadow and bright light and the conditions were just not great.  We opted for the joker - a nice liverpool with a big vertical.  We cleared it easy and snagged ourselves second place!

  Overall we were Champion of the division - and won a whole kit load of stuff.  Saddle pad, brushes, treats, blanket wash/saddle pad wash, leather cleaner - it was awesome!  The only buzzkill was because I was an alumni and not a current Pony Clubber - I was not allowed to keep the nice big Pony Club Champion ribbon.  They did give me a really nice red one though to make up for it.  I can't help it - I love ribbons.

  Super mare is super.


  1. Congrats on your win! You got some great photos too :)

  2. Oh, giving the ribbon back would make me sad too! Congrats on a great show. :)

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYY, they could pry that ribbon out of my cold dead hands!

  4. Super mare is a super good jumper!

  5. Those jumps look huge! Congrats on some great rounds. :)

    Also, I love the Archie updates. <3

  6. Those jumps look way bigger than 3'3"! Sucks about the ribbon, but at least you got a cool prize package?

  7. Great photos! I'd call that one a success :)


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