Friday, August 22, 2014

The Informal Transformation Blog Hop!

  Life of Riley has started a non blog hop - blog hop to feature your horses transformation.  Since Penny has not had a huge transformation - she was already 7 and broke when I got her, and Parker is only 6 months under saddle, I thought I would show Williams transformation which has been drastic in my eyes!

The day I brought him home, October 2011:

 Here he is in November of 2011 - just under 3 years ago.  First time under saddle.

  Here he is two weeks later under saddle:


  Those who have followed the blog for awhile know the struggles we have overcome.  William will always be William, but he sure is a special horse.  It may have taken us three years to get here but now he is a horse that goes out and wins.  I am all about tailoring a program to suit the horse and if that means taking it slow - then we take it slow. :)

  Here he is earlier this summer - before his run in with the stall window.  FWIW he is 99.9% sound and ready to get back to work.  He will have three more weeks off to ensure everything is OK and then we will start legging him up again!

still Willy

 We've come a long way and still have a long way to go...but I love this horse more now than ever.  It's been worth the haul.  Looking forward to everyone else's transformations!


  1. Definitely agree, no training program should be one size fits all.

  2. So cool! Love the transformation and I am glad I started the informal blog hop!

  3. Love this hop and love the pictures!! William is such a good looking guy.

  4. Looking good and yes we see the transformation
    Lily & Edward

  5. What a cool progression/transformation :)

  6. Wow, he looks remarkable. I can see the love that was put into him!

  7. How cool that you've been with him since the very beginning :)

  8. I have a huge soft spot for chestnuts, he is super cute!


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