Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Glen Oro Cross Country Course Preview

  Now that Mia is home I am allowed to be mad at her for being a bad runaway pony.  Still can't imagine how Jess was feeling the whole time she was missing.  I would die.

 To return to our regular scheduled program, here is the Training Level course preview from Glen Oro Horse Trials I attended with Penny on Saturday.  Wait till you hear what went down there.  An event to remember that is for sure!

big flower box jumping into the sunset from dark.

First part of a three stride combination

second element - skinny

a simply cabin, which wreaked havoc for some.  More details to come.

Trakehner coffin combo.

for height comparison

stairs down...

left side - drop into water

Entrance into second water

My jump was the bank out - one stride to skinny.

Trakehner combo

bank up with ditch

ready to puke


  1. looks like a serious course - excited to hear how it all went!

  2. That course looks really challenging!!

  3. I am just so glad Mia was found!!!! Can't wait to hear about the show!

  4. So happy that Mia is not MIA anymore! That course looks like a total blast!!!!


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