Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Glen Oro Cross Country School

WHY is there a ditch on the landing side!

 Last Friday I took the day off work and had one of the best days of the summer.  Jessica and I headed to Glen Oro Farms to do some cross country schooling with Penny and Mia.  Glen Oro is about a 3.5 hour drive, but they have fences up to Intermediate - with lots of fun and different questions.  It is in a beautiful part of the province, rolling hills and 100 foot tall trees.  Just breathtaking.  I am planning on going to the event there at the end of the month so I figured it would be a good place to check out.

  We left around 9am and had an uneventful drive up through Toronto.  The ponies traveled well and with a few pit stops we arrived at Glen Oro Farms around 1pm.  After a little walk around to stretch the legs, and a drink of water, we corked and tacked up the horses.  We started out warming up in the dressage rings.  This will hopefully be a big help for Penny at the event since she can be so looky, and there is a lot to look at beside their rings.  Hopefully having been in the ring already will allow her to settle better at the event.

 After a flat warm up we headed to the cross country warm up and popped over some fences there - then onto the stadium ring where I only jumped a couple of fences.  They have a nice big liverpool in the shade so I wanted to pop over that and make sure there were no issues there - and of course there wasn't - Penny loves to jump all things coloured and spooky!  We were now ready to head out onto the course and see what jumps were waiting for us to be jumped!

 The ponies were fresh and keen - and we jumped ALL THE THINGS!  Ditches, banks, skinnies, corners, drops, combos, water, you name it - we jumped it.  I jumped the entire Training course and a few Prelim fences.  There was a combination - up a hill - drop over a ditch three strides to a brush.  Not sure why they put ditches on the landing side but man do I ever hate those things!  Penny didn't seem to care.  I don't like to run the legs off my horse so I was focused on the combinations and getting Penny used to different questions.  Jess jumped most of the Prelim and Intermediate course on super pony Mia.

 We got a lot of video - including helmet cam - but for now I will leave you with the pictures.  Both horses were incredible.  Penny jumped everything easily and out of stride.  She didn't break a sweat, and was fit and looking fresh when we finished.  We gave a sponge bath, and poulticed the ponies up before heading back for the long drive home.  We took an alternate way home the farm owner suggested to bypass the big city and it was a nice scenic route and saved us some time.  


this is a log off a large bank - three strides to the skinny

Prelim skinny wedge at the bottom

Training corner

trakehner middle part of the coffin

first part of the Training coffin

big effort here

Prelim sunken road

 By far the most fun I have ever had schooling.  Can't wait for their event in two weeks!


  1. The horses look awesome! If I wasn't a chicken, I'd say it looks like a total blast :D

  2. Awesome photos!! And it looks so fun (and a bit scary for the wimpy hunter in me)!

  3. The third to last photo of you guys just cantering is STUNNING.

  4. great pics - the horses look like they're DOMINATING those jumps. what a great schooling experience ahead of the show

  5. I really know nothing about XC but everyone is looking on their A-game!

  6. Looks like Penny [and you!] had tons o' fun :D


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