Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Best Place for Fitness Work

  is on the beach...I was once told by a top event rider in Scotland that they do all their gallops and fitness work on the beach.  While I lived in Scotland, we went every single Friday to the beach for gallops.  It was pretty damn awesome. There are a few good reasons for this.  One being the footing - just wet sand is the ultimate in perfect footing.  It has impressive shock absorption, and is not slippery.  You can also look at the tracks to see where your horses footfalls are and how straight you are riding.

 *Can I just point out that little Chestnut Quarter Horse? 4 years old, only been off property a few times.  Just a doll.

 Another great thing about using the beach for gallops is the cold water available for immediate cool down.  No need to ice or poultice.  Just wade in the water for 10-15 minutes after for a nice cool down.  The other plus is being able to get your horse familiarized with water, and also taking them for a swim to add to their workout.

 Yesterday, I met up with some new friends to take them for a ride on the beach.  We did a lot of wading in the water, went for a nice hack along the shoreline, and then I took Penny for her gallop.  Full out one direction and trot back.  She wasn't even blowing.  After a cool down in the water for her legs, we stripped the tack and went swimming with the horses....pure bliss.  Penny was being so funny....every time it got deep enough to swim she would reach her head way out and pull me so hard into the lake I would almost slide off giggling.  What a silly girl.

 We love the beach :)


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