Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Video Break! Penny and Bella XC Schooling at Lane's End

The weather has gone cold, wet, and depressing this last week.  We are headed to Glen Oro Horse Trials this weekend and I am trying to stay positive about this event - crossing fingers for sun and warmth!  I know the winter to come has been predicated as ugly and nasty....need to keep the good stuff while I can.

 This is my motivation to keep me going...Penny and Bella schooling at Lanes End.  Warning, the camera is a bit shaky because it was filmed horseback lol!  Only 4 days till we JUMP ALL THE THINGS!


  1. Hope your show has tolerable weather! I feel bad for y'all up north with the winter coming.

  2. She looks so brave and happy!! Best of luck this weekend-stay warm!

  3. woo hoo - looks like FUN! fingers crossed the weather holds for you :)


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