Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Love Affair With Amerigo

  After a month of waiting - my new dressage saddle finally arrived last week.  This has been a year long journey - finding the right saddle - and at the right price for Miss Pen.  She was fit last year by my coach and saddle fitter at Equestrian Imports,  By using pictures, video, and stencils, we determined the make, model, and size of saddle that would fit both Penny and I and place my body in the most desired position.  Of course in true Tori style, it has to be the most expensive and hardest to find model, the Amerigo Cortina.  Sigh.

 For the last year I have watched eBay and Tack Sale pages on Facebook.  A few popped up here and there but they were the wrong tree or the wrong seat size.  Sure, there are some out there now - but the price tag is way over my budget.  I'm in more of the "well loved" category for pricing than the, "shiny and new".

 Then one day in September, I decided to check eBay UK...and there it was.  The Amerigo Cortina, med wide tree - in a 17.5 seat.  The exact saddle I need - at a price I could live with!  Having purchased saddles on eBay before, I was confident to do so.  I hit the "Buy It Now" button and then danced with excitement!  Finally, after 9 long months of doing dressage in my close contact, I was finally going to have a dressage saddle that fit!

  Days came and went, then weeks.  I started to get nervous but the seller assured me it was on it's way.  Then, just after a month passed, Jessica and I were out riding when my husband came home with a big carboard box.  I knew he had stopped at the Post Office, but I had just ordered some blankets and thought that might be what it was.  Not wanting to get too excited - we watched from a distance as he took it to the barn and opened the box.  We saw a big black blob come out and knew it was indeed - the saddle! Whoo hoo!

  The next day I put it on Penny for the first time.  True to our measurements, it fit her very well.  The first sit in it was instant dressage seat!  My legs felt longer, I could sit taller, and I felt so much more in the right place for flat work.  The seat size fit like a glove.  This is the start of a new relationship, which will hopefully blossom into a long, loving relationship with dressage on Penny. 

 I highly recommend Amerigos to anyone looking for a dressage saddle.  They make trees specifically designed for each type of topline you can think of - uphill, downhill, high withered, high withers with a dip behind, flat withers, etc, etc.  They come in several leather styles - mine is just the classic (cheap) version, but you can get yummy calfskin Pinerolo with nicer finishing lines as well.  I've ridden in 4 different models, and they all feel different, but if you have the right model on the right horse -they feel like a cloud.  For example my moms feels amazing on Ace, but strange on Penny.  It all works together to create a nice harmony between you and your horse.

 And, I'm in love.


  1. I have an Amerigo too! I really like it. It gives me a nice place to sit and fit my horse shockingly well!

  2. I've had a bit of a crush on amerigo saddles for a good few years now. Glad you love yours!

  3. I am currently riding in my trainer's Amerigo until my saddle sells. I love it, but will be out of my price range even used. Your saddle is beautiful!

  4. So glad it was worth the wait! Yeah!

  5. beautiful saddle! glad it finally arrived :)

  6. Wow it's really pretty! Glad it's working out so great for you two.

  7. Nice! Someday I will get a dressage saddle bu it will be a while. In the meantime dressaging in the jump saddle will just have to do.


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