Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sunday Baby Play Day

  We received a very light dusting of snow this weekend - but the temps were still far above zero.  The footing under the snow in the outdoor is actually perfect right now.  Soft but not sloppy.  I have been able to ride every night with the lights - it's keeping my spirits high and I have not yet started to regret the decision to leave the horses at home over the winter.  I will ride as much as possible without an arena, even if it means freezing my butt off!

 Sunday Nicole and I took the babies out for some work.  We put a saddle and bridle on Oliver for the first time and he literally did nothing but make a face for a few minutes like "what is this rubber thing in my mouth!?!".  He walked off with the saddle on and didn't even flinch, so perhaps he has worn one before.

  I put a saddle on Dirk for the first time also.  He just kind of looked at me like "WHY MOM WHY".  He stood really quietly in the cross tries while we got Oliver sorted, then we headed out to the ring.  Nicole worked on Oliver in hand, walking, halting, getting him to move off her hand behind the girth.  I just walked Dirk around and practiced some halts and backing up.  He spooked at the woods and reared up, and I let go of his rope.  Of course, he then ran off back to his field like a goof.  Parker tried to eat his saddle. I had to go back out there to catch him and bring him back to the ring.  Good sign - he did let me catch him. He then behaved much more civilized.

 It's a good thing I've started this boy early, I think waiting any longer and he will be too big to handle his shenanigans.  Overall though - I have to say he really is an excellent baby.  And what can be said about Oliver.  He didn't move a muscle when Dirk ran off and was a perfect gentleman in the ring.  This little horse is going to be stellar.  Look how cute he looks with his English tack on!


  1. He looks great with the saddle! Exciting things ahead for sure

  2. Your babies are so cute! Looks like the two, well, four of you had a great day!

  3. they are both super cute - i just love Oliver's laid back expression!

  4. Aww they both look great! Love Dirk's expression.
    I have a real growing soft spot for the appy brain. Congrats to the two of you!

  5. Dirk looks so grown up. Great idea to get him comfy now before he gets too big!

  6. Such cute ponies! Dirk sounds like he is going to be a ton of fun :)


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