Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dirk Gets Backed Too

 I last posted about Olivers first ride, but Oliver wasn't the only one we backed that day.  Aimee asked in the comments how Dirk was doing, and it was perfect timing for my next post!  Dirk is still just a baby, but he wasn't handled much at all until I got him.  I have done a lot of ground work with him, and he has worn a saddle, but I haven't done anything too formal.

 Since he is just under two, he is too young in my eyes for anything serious, but I do think it's a good idea to have him backed before he gets too big and it's farther to fall lol.  Jessica and I were out in the field playing with the horses and she said she would get on Dirk since she was already geared up for it from backing Oliver.  I just grabbed a halter and a set of reins  and we led him over to the fence.  We practiced her leaning on him first and he was spooky at the noise her jacket was making from rubbing up against his blanket.  So of course in true Jessica fashion she jumps up and down 20 times rubbing herself against him until he stops caring lol.  

 I then give her a leg up onto him to lay over his back and he does these hilarious little humps and throws her into the air onto her feet.  All is good, she has her helmet and vest on and we just laugh at his little baby humps.  Next time I give her a leg up onto his back and he moves forward but accepts her.  She slowly puts her leg over his side, then sits up.  All good.  We give him lots of pats and scratches and tell him he's a good boy.  After a few minutes we try him for a little walk around the field.

 So the little baby has had someone on him and went for his first little ride.  This guy is just a little ham. He is really enjoying his life here being pampered.  He loves to come in at night and have his nice warm stable rug put on, and get a brush.  He's such a little sweetie, I just love my golden baby.  As you can see below it was clearly a stressful experience for him.

Miss Pen supervising

Dirk and Ollie playing :)


  1. So adorable. Yeah, he looks pretty concerned ;)

  2. He's such a cutie. :) I love how relaxed he is about it!

  3. You have such good babies!

  4. He looks seriously traumatized by the whole thing. ;)

  5. awww yay for baby horses figuring it out!


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