Monday, January 5, 2015

A Libra Looking Ahead to 2015

  Now comes the part where I look over what I ridiculous things I thought I could accomplish last year and see where I stand.  Making goals for this year just kind of feels weird.  I don't know why.  I guess I have nothing really pertinent I want to accomplish other than our trip to Kentucky for Midsouth.  I'm kind of just enjoying schooling my horses and seeing where that takes me at the moment.

  Reviewing last years goals:

  • Compete successfully at Training level for the season with Penny.  Improve our dressage immensely.
We did have successful events.  We started late in the season due to her aggravated SI.  We had some awesome events and I learned A LOT about eventing at Training level again.
  •   Qualify and show at the Championships. Win one of those beautiful big honking ribbons.
Yeah - definitely wasn't going to happen with the time frame I had.  Maybe this year?
  • Show William training level dressage, school Second Level.
We did! And we scored in high 60's!  We also were schooling 2nd level before his injury.
  • Event William Pre Entry eventing and be going Entry by the fall.
Yes! To the first part...and quite successfully too.  Unfortunately his accident took him out of commission early June and there was no upgrade to Entry level.
  • Show Parker walk trot dressage, School Training Level.
I didn't get him to any dressage shows but we did do lots of hunter shows, and are schooling Training level dressage.  I say success.
  • Event Parker Pre Entry eventing.
Didn't happen.  I changed my mind early spring to concentrate more on lessons and schooling over competing.
  • Show Liam either in hand or in a baby walk trot show.
Didn't happen because I gave Liam to my parents.  My dad is now riding him!  Even better :)
  • Break Sugar and have her ready to be ridden by a child.
Nope, but she was on TV and I gave her to a riding school and they broke her!
  • Ride in a clinic equivalent to the greatness of Blyth Tait last year.
Rode in a few clinics that were decent, no BT though.  Just didn't have the $$$.
  • Get Alayne on EN for her jog outfit at Bromont when she does her first CCI*
I did get Alayne on EN for our hilarious Rolex pics.  The rest didn't happen because well - long story.
  • Ride on the beach again, more than once.
  • Improve dressaging.
Yes! Improved my understanding at least.
  • Become an awesome show jumping rider.
Wow.  This is my favorite thing I accomplished.  I still need lots of work but Penny only had 2 rails all year out of all the courses she jumped, and it was only because she was wayyyy too excited and zoomied around. My skills are improving.
  • Have horses stay fat, healthy, and HAPPY.
They are most definitely this right now.

My personal goals were as follows:

  • Organize finances and learn how to budget.
Sort of....still a work in progress.
  • finish my CAIB (Insurance stuff) designation.
Almost there, just one more exam to go.
  • Lose 20 lbs.
I lost 15 lbs mid summer/fall, then gained it back. :(
  • Blog more.
I did this! :)
  • Organize data (photos, videos, website, etc).
Yes, did this too!
  • Continue to run successful horse shows.
This was another good accomplishment!
  • Be the best wife and friend I can be.
I know I tried hard to do be there for my man and friends this year.  I let go of some relationships, and strengthened the good ones.

Now looking ahead to 2015.  

Riding goals;
  • Now that Penny's horrible tooth is gone, improve her dressage.
  • Have Penny compete at the Pan Am Games in Toronto.
  • Event Parker and William at Entry level with goal of upgrading to Pre Training by fall.
  • Qualify and show at the OHTA champs on any of my horses.  Win a Champs ribbon!  Seriously...I want one!
  • Train Oliver with Nicole, have him jumping small courses by fall.
  • Put learning over showing.
  • Ride Dirk a few times just to get him going w/t. Take him for trailer ride adventures.
  • Keep improving dressage skills.
  • Have horses stay fat, healthy, and HAPPY!
  • Qualify and show at Hagyard Midsouth Three Day Event!

Personal Goals
  • Improve budgeting and financial skills still.
  • Lose 20 lbs and don't gain it back this time LOL
  • Improve cardio.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Host two successful shows.
  • Raise enough funds to cover our trip to Kentucky.
  • Blog more and be more open on my blog.
  • Inspire someone.

  I am also hoping this year will bring me more direction for my future riding plans.  I am still torn whether eventing is the sport for me anymore.  I hate the direction it is going but nothing else really feels like it fits.  Perhaps 2015 will bring me a clearer vision.

  I have no expectations for this year, in reality I just want to enjoy my horses and have a good time with my friends while sharing our passion.  And maybe Kentucky. :)


  1. You accomplished a ton last year! I bet you 2015 goals will be just as sucessful.

  2. I like your analysis of your previous goals. Your organization of your blog is already inspiring.

    1. What a kind thing to say...thank you!!

  3. The champs ribbons are over rated... i was kind of disappointed in them this year to be honest. Now Dreamcrest ribbons are a whole other story.

    1. Ugh don't say that!! hahaa...but that is SO weird you mentioned that because this morning I was thinking that a Dreamcrest ribbon was a goal too since I have never won one! You gotta get the big guns out for that event haha

    2. umm ya... dreamcrest was terrifying. I had gone and schooled there in the spring - schooled the whole pretraining course and thought I was big deal. Little did I know that was the ENTRY course i was schooling, Came to discover on the PT course walk the day of the event that the PT course were those massive jumps beside the entry fences that I was too chicken to jump on the schooling day. hahaha.
      It was almost a good thing though, made every single course for the rest of the season look midge and made my confidence level soar - basically a "I got around dreamcrest clean I can do this too" mentality. :)

    3. Such a bad feeling when you school and miss jumps or change the course but amaxing when you conquer it!

  4. We are confident you will achieve!
    Lily & Edward

  5. sounds like 2014 was a huge year for you - despite some injuries - congrats!! i definitely like your focus on learning and schooling over competition... sometimes it's easy to lose perspective there, i think. in any case, i'm super excited to see where you go in 2015!!

    1. I agree...learning is more important than ribbons as mush as it kills me to say so hahah

  6. Awesome achievements for the year & great goals for 2015.
    Love the last paragraph happy, healthy & fun are always great focal points!

  7. I love, love LOVE your goal of putting "learning above showing" -- I need to do that as well!

    1. It's an easy thing to get sidetracked away from!

  8. I love your goals! You will do great. I wasn't going to say anything, but I just can't... please don't ride Dirk as a yearling. He may be big, but it's still not good for him. It's not his legs you have to worry about. It's his back and neck. Riding them too young can also make them defensive of their back. Check out this article if you have time It's very informative. Good luck with your goals. I think 2015 is going to be a lot of fun!

  9. He will be into his 2 year old year when he is started, not a yearling. He's not big either ;). I'm not into rushing, it's more to get him going while he's still small and controllable. I'm talking 5 minutes of walk and a few trot rounds :)

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