Thursday, February 26, 2015

Run Home Perchies - You're Free

  It was a bitterly cold Friday afternoon.  I was heading home from work, pumped that the weekend was here.  Not pumped to go home and do the barn in -30...but at least it was the weekend so I could get good and wine drunk during the process to keep my spirits up.  I was cruising down the highway, about halfway home when I spotted a big black Percheron running through the snow in the ditch up ahead.  There was another one following close behind.  The snow was up past their knees but they were trucking along at a good pace despite.

  I pulled over and threw my four way flashers on.  I jumped out of the car and started calling the horses.  They slowed down a bit and looked back but kept heading west.  They soon ventured onto the road and were full blown cantering down the middle of the highway.  Traffic had stopped both ways thankfully and people were being very smart and keeping their cars parked on the road.  I realized no amount of running was going to catch me up so I jumped back into my car and sped down the highway, carefully past the horses and pulled over ahead of them, once again parking my car on the shoulder with my four ways on.

  This time I stood in the middle of the road calling the horses..and one came right to me.  They had halters on, thank God.  They were around 17 hands, and I was in my work clothes, and heels.  I managed to hold onto the one and start leading him back in the direction we came.  It was absolutely freezing.  There was no doubt my hand was going to get frost bitten.  The horse I had was well behaved but the loose horse was being a total twit.  Galloping off in the other direction, jumping the guard rails and falling into the ditch, and screaming his head off trying to get the horse I had to go with him.  It was only a matter of time before the horse I had turned and bolted off to meet up with his friend.  I just let go, I wasn't going to die in this process.

  Defeat.  I headed in their direction but they went full tilt this time.  A very nice lady pulled her car up to me and she gave me the gloves off her hand to warm up.  I will never forget that truly kind gesture!  A few other people pulled up asking if there was anything they could do.  I said they aren't my horses and I have no idea where they are from, not much we can do but try and keep them off the road at this point.

 I got back to my car and called 911.  The officer said they already had a call and were headed out this way.  I didn't even see which direction the horses went at this point but I have a feeling they headed North.  I sat in my car for a few minutes trying to regain feeling in my face and hands.  I drove off in the direction I suspected and saw the tracks along the road.  I pulled into the first farm on the roads driveway and saw this; 

  They managed to coral themselves up nicely.  There was a herd of cattle behind them with a big round bale and I suspect they were very interested in that.  They were licking their lips for water and were drenched in sweat.  Not long after the OPP showed (Ontario Provincial Police) and helped me keep them blocked in until the owner showed up.

 He just lived down the road from where I first saw them and didn't even realize they had gotten out.  He said he just bought them today as a driving pair, he likes to fatten them up, put training on them and then re sell them.  He was genuinely concerned for the drivers on the road and was very thankful to me that I was trying to catch them.  They just had another 10 minute to wait for their ride to get there and they would be home safe - locked in the barn no doubt!

  Bad Perchies.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feed Your Damn Animals

  UGH.  So annoyed right now.  There is a farm about 5 kms from me.  It's on the road my parents live on, and in between my house and theirs.  It's on my way to and from work.  This farm is a disgusting dump.  It can't even be classified as a farm.  It has a decrepit condemned house, barbed wire fencing around the property complete with rusted out farm gate  blocking the driveway.  The house is missing siding and is just a disaster.  From what I have heard the owners live in an old RV behind the house.  There is garbage everywhere.

 There are 8 horses on this property.  They had a foal last summer.  They are all Quarter Horse or Paint types.  These horses do nothing, although the owners do have some poles and barrels strewn around their yard.  I can't even express the mess this place is.  The safety hazard for the horses is enough to drive you mental but that isn't even where the problem begins.  The yard where the horses are is completely visible from the road.

  On New Years Eve I drove home from work and noticed it was the third day the horses had no hay.  They usually get fed moldy roundbales with the strings still attached.  It was set to be -30c that night.  I went home and brought my horses in and attended to their needs, then threw 3 square bales into my truck.  Jesse and headed over to the farm and the horses still had no hay.  They also have no shelter, except this wall with tarp blowing that a neighbour put up himself for the horses after being sick of watching them with no shade or wind break.

   I threw the three bales over the fence and called the horses over.  It was freezing, and I'm sure they were glad to see some hay after going without for three days.  It wasn't until two days later the horses finally got some round bales put out.  Disgusting, moldy, black round bales.  Of course, these neglected horses eat this with no issue - yet our horses who are doted on hand and food would probably die after one bite.  Go figure.

  A few weeks later the horses had 5 round bales.  Wow...I was ecstatic.  Maybe the owners were getting the idea and preparing themselves.  They threw all the bales into the field and they last until last week.  On Monday, Dana came over for some day drinking (family day holiday lol).  She told me the horses had no hay again.  Back to work Tuesday, the horses have no hay.  Yesterday - same deal.  No hay.  I mean 0.  Not some round bale leftovers on the ground.  Zip. Zero.  It has been absolutely freezing here.  Snowing, cold, just nasty.  These horses have no hay, no shelter, and probably no water.  I pretty much cry every time I think about them.  I threw them some squares but my hay is at a premium this time of year, and I can't be feeding 8 other horses!

  So, the Humane Society was called.  They already had a call that morning about the same farm.  On my way home I saw their SUV was out with a trailer - probably going to get a round bale.  This morning they had a black round bale and it was pretty much almost gone already.  No doubt with 8 starving horses.  I will be watching this place with eagle eyes and calling the Humane Society again if they have no hay.  I just don't understand the point to this horse ownership.  Obviously these people are uneducated.  Obviously they have no money - or they choose to spend it on something other than their shithole property.  Why do these horses have to suffer at the hands of these morons.

  If you want to have animals, make sure you know and have the means to take care of them.  There are 7 horses on my property and it is tough to keep them fed properly, but it is doable.  I work hard and make sure we always are ahead of the game. Running out of hay or grain is not an option.  Running out of hay for a few hours? Sure..running out for 4 days - completely unacceptable.  This saga will surely continue, and I will keep you all posted.  In the meantime, send jingles this way for those poor ponies.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Frosty Weekend to Celebrate Parker's Birthday

  So - everyone is in agreement that winter sucks and this one, although not nearly as bad as last for us here, still stinks the big one.  We have had steady snow for a week and the temps this weekend were down right frigid.  The sun was out though, and there was little wind so the horses were still happy to be outside during the day.

 It was Parkers birthday on Saturday and the big handsome dude is now 7 years old!  Time for him to put his big boy pants on show the world what a hunk of OTTB he really is.  Really looking forward to more serious work with him this summer.

 The horses were only looking forward to their weekly round bale delivery.  I'm still not riding so I'm trying to use the time to organize the house and barn for the summer ahead.  Hopefully I can be back in the saddle early next week.

The Birthday Boy!

two total troublemakers

the cutest goldenbaby

Penny is all "me first!"

Parker is all "I don't think so Red"

William is all....too tired to move at the moment

the rare moment when Penny grants you affection!

Sunbathing in -30

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Day In the Life - A FOO Blog Hop


A day in the life of this working amateur event rider - courtesy of the Fly On Over blog hop!

 I'm going to share the average day in my life - the spring/summer/fall version.  The winter version is all over the place and lacks riding so its not all that accurate for most of the year.

5:30am - WAKE UP.  After hitting snooze 5 times at least.  Grab pack of dogs and head to the barn.  Bring in and work one horse (Probably Penny)

6:00am - 7:00am - Ride Horse #1

7:00am - Turn in and feed.  This includes removing fly sheets, making grain, filling water, turning on fans.  Checking over for cuts/injuries.

7:30am - Gather up pack of dogs, head the house.  Shower, dress for work. Grab something to eat.

8:25am - Head to work. With our without coffee...need coffee at some point!!

9:00am - 5:00 pm - work. Boo.  Make money for horses. Yay! Check emails, dream about showing, read CoTH...etc.

5:30pm - Home, feed the horses if not fed already [sometimes if my hubby gets home first, he feeds them for me :)]  I change in the barn. Put on fly sheets, turn out, and pick stalls.

6:00pm - tack up and ride Horse #2, fully clean his stall after.

7:30pm - Tack up and ride Horse #3, fully clean his stall after.

8:30pm - clean the rest of the stalls if not done.  

9:00pm - bring the horses back in for bug hour.  Cuddle with them for way too long.  Get yelled at to hurry up and no more pony time. Finish tidying the barn.  Clean tack.  Drink beer, play with the dogs.

10:00pm - Turn the horses out, tidy their stalls, set the hay for the AM.

Rest of the night...unwind, grab something to eat, blog...sleep...

 This is my life...and I absolutely love it.  On days I do just 30 minute works for the horses, I add in lawn care, like grass cutting and weed whacking.  I try to take one day a week for no riding.  Obviously, this doesn't leave much time for hanging out with my man, but we are usually outside together on and off all night, and we agree that the winter when my horses have time off is the time for us to hang out more.  I don't really watch TV.  If I have time to sit it's usually on the computer reading or writing.  I realize a lot of people would not enjoy this lifestyle, but this is what works for me, and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Equestrian Scavenger Hunt - from SMTT

  What's up everyone?  It's February, I'm injured, and I'm sick.  Oh yeah, and this ridiculous blizzard blew in and the weather is so crap that the horses won't even leave their shelter when they are out for the day.  Even for their new delicious round bale.  It's just sitting out in the field all frozen over waiting for some company.  This month sucks so far...but on a positive note the shitty ass weather has allowed me to sit on my butt for a few hours a day which is much needed.  My leg was feeling pretty rough all week but it is finally feeling like we are turning a corner and I can actually walk now. YAY! No one will be calling me Limps A'Hoy at work anymore! True Story.

  Moving on...I share my version of the Equestrian Scavanger Hunt presented originally by She Moved to Texas.   Nothing like some cute pony pics to end your Sunday night and keep you smiling into Monday.

 1. The most magical Friesian of all the Friesians

saw this handsome fella at Rolex

2. A 10+ Jumper

it has to be Miss Pen :)

3. A horse we can all call Shenanigans! on

uh oh Ozzy!
4. The (best) worst clip job you’ve ever seen

I just love this!

5. The cutest miniature horse on the planet

well she was a Shetland...but she was so tiny!  Suggie of course!

6. Bitchiest. Mare. Ever.

Miss Ruby!
7. Funniest horse meme/cartoon

8. The most matchy McMatcherson outfit

It's a way of life :)

9. A most saintly creature

10. The Black Stallion Returns… 2015 style

 ahh the good old days of warmth and fun.  Back into my hole...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dressage and Hunt Coat For Sale

  I have two gorgeous high end show jackets for sale so I thought I would spread the word here also in case you know anyone looking!

 First is my Diana Pikeur Dressage coat. Black.  Size 8L - (Ladies small, long).  Very nice fit, classy, breathable.  I love this jacket!  Only selling because I am going to with my Navy ensemble. Retails over $400 new.  Asking $175 Cnd.  Can ship for $15.

 Second is my Grand Prix Hunt Coat.  Size 10 (Ladies small). !00% lightweight wool.  Steel grey with baby blue piping.  This jacket is a must for "A" show competitors.  Retails over $400 new.  Asking $150 Cnd. Can ship for $15.  Love this coat to death but sadly (?) my boobs grew and it's just a bit tight through the chest!

  Make an offer on either, they are just sitting around being wasted.
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