Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Day In the Life - A FOO Blog Hop


A day in the life of this working amateur event rider - courtesy of the Fly On Over blog hop!

 I'm going to share the average day in my life - the spring/summer/fall version.  The winter version is all over the place and lacks riding so its not all that accurate for most of the year.

5:30am - WAKE UP.  After hitting snooze 5 times at least.  Grab pack of dogs and head to the barn.  Bring in and work one horse (Probably Penny)

6:00am - 7:00am - Ride Horse #1

7:00am - Turn in and feed.  This includes removing fly sheets, making grain, filling water, turning on fans.  Checking over for cuts/injuries.

7:30am - Gather up pack of dogs, head the house.  Shower, dress for work. Grab something to eat.

8:25am - Head to work. With our without coffee...need coffee at some point!!

9:00am - 5:00 pm - work. Boo.  Make money for horses. Yay! Check emails, dream about showing, read CoTH...etc.

5:30pm - Home, feed the horses if not fed already [sometimes if my hubby gets home first, he feeds them for me :)]  I change in the barn. Put on fly sheets, turn out, and pick stalls.

6:00pm - tack up and ride Horse #2, fully clean his stall after.

7:30pm - Tack up and ride Horse #3, fully clean his stall after.

8:30pm - clean the rest of the stalls if not done.  

9:00pm - bring the horses back in for bug hour.  Cuddle with them for way too long.  Get yelled at to hurry up and no more pony time. Finish tidying the barn.  Clean tack.  Drink beer, play with the dogs.

10:00pm - Turn the horses out, tidy their stalls, set the hay for the AM.

Rest of the night...unwind, grab something to eat, blog...sleep...

 This is my life...and I absolutely love it.  On days I do just 30 minute works for the horses, I add in lawn care, like grass cutting and weed whacking.  I try to take one day a week for no riding.  Obviously, this doesn't leave much time for hanging out with my man, but we are usually outside together on and off all night, and we agree that the winter when my horses have time off is the time for us to hang out more.  I don't really watch TV.  If I have time to sit it's usually on the computer reading or writing.  I realize a lot of people would not enjoy this lifestyle, but this is what works for me, and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Your day is INSANE but the sleep schedule is the most like mine of everyone's I've seen. I'm glad it makes you happy, I definitely couldn't get up that early on the reg!

  2. sounds good to me!! (except the whole 9-5 thing, an affliction from which i also suffer lol)

  3. Guess that is why I don't have horses! That and the $$$

  4. I would love to have my horses at home where I could walk out and ride them. Unfortunately, my "home" is on wheels :) You have some seriously busy days, but they sound wonderful!

  5. Sounds crazy awesome ♡♡♡ (well bar the 5.30am start - but horses do make early start times easier ☺)

  6. That is a crazy awesome schedule! I love that as you are getting ready to unwind I am in bed already! I admire your "get up and go!"

  7. I admire those who work full time AND have horses at home. I can't imagine fitting in feeding and stall cleaning every day after work!

  8. Sounds like your day is quite hectic. And I PRAISE you for riding at 6am before work! Its amazing what we do for the horses we love- I cant wait to have mine at my own house.

    xx Lindsay
    The Inside Turn. Equestrian Blog.

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