Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Frosty Weekend to Celebrate Parker's Birthday

  So - everyone is in agreement that winter sucks and this one, although not nearly as bad as last for us here, still stinks the big one.  We have had steady snow for a week and the temps this weekend were down right frigid.  The sun was out though, and there was little wind so the horses were still happy to be outside during the day.

 It was Parkers birthday on Saturday and the big handsome dude is now 7 years old!  Time for him to put his big boy pants on show the world what a hunk of OTTB he really is.  Really looking forward to more serious work with him this summer.

 The horses were only looking forward to their weekly round bale delivery.  I'm still not riding so I'm trying to use the time to organize the house and barn for the summer ahead.  Hopefully I can be back in the saddle early next week.

The Birthday Boy!

two total troublemakers

the cutest goldenbaby

Penny is all "me first!"

Parker is all "I don't think so Red"

William is all....too tired to move at the moment

the rare moment when Penny grants you affection!

Sunbathing in -30


  1. Whooooo! -11 F here this morning, but -30 C is something special! :) Brrr!

  2. -30C is beyond crazy!!!
    Hope your healing is going well & they all look so mischievous ♡♡♡♡
    HAPPY birthday Parker, they are all such gorgeous creatures!

  3. Sooo cold! Hope the weather lets up soon for you guys!

  4. Haha his birthday was *Sunday*...I'm sure that's just a typo!

    1. The days are all blending together into one big day of WINTER HELL!! lmao

  5. happy b-day Parker!! glad everyone's doing well despite the the ridiculous temperatures!

  6. I totally agree! While this winter isn't as bad as last year... it still sucks worse than usual, lol

  7. Happy belated Birthday Parker!!!!

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