Sunday, February 8, 2015

Equestrian Scavenger Hunt - from SMTT

  What's up everyone?  It's February, I'm injured, and I'm sick.  Oh yeah, and this ridiculous blizzard blew in and the weather is so crap that the horses won't even leave their shelter when they are out for the day.  Even for their new delicious round bale.  It's just sitting out in the field all frozen over waiting for some company.  This month sucks so far...but on a positive note the shitty ass weather has allowed me to sit on my butt for a few hours a day which is much needed.  My leg was feeling pretty rough all week but it is finally feeling like we are turning a corner and I can actually walk now. YAY! No one will be calling me Limps A'Hoy at work anymore! True Story.

  Moving on...I share my version of the Equestrian Scavanger Hunt presented originally by She Moved to Texas.   Nothing like some cute pony pics to end your Sunday night and keep you smiling into Monday.

 1. The most magical Friesian of all the Friesians

saw this handsome fella at Rolex

2. A 10+ Jumper

it has to be Miss Pen :)

3. A horse we can all call Shenanigans! on

uh oh Ozzy!
4. The (best) worst clip job you’ve ever seen

I just love this!

5. The cutest miniature horse on the planet

well she was a Shetland...but she was so tiny!  Suggie of course!

6. Bitchiest. Mare. Ever.

Miss Ruby!
7. Funniest horse meme/cartoon

8. The most matchy McMatcherson outfit

It's a way of life :)

9. A most saintly creature

10. The Black Stallion Returns… 2015 style

 ahh the good old days of warmth and fun.  Back into my hole...


  1. What great pictures! We eventers have our matching game on point :-)

  2. haha great pics - hope your leg is feeling better soon too!!

  3. Love it, fab photos. Glad to hear the leg is getting better

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  5. Keep healing! At least your not missing out on good weather, neither are we!

  6. These are great!!! I'm going to Rolex this year. Was the Friesian part of an exhibition they were putting on? I wonder if there will be Friesians this year. Must see them if there are! He's gorgeous!

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