Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Free Isn't Free

  But you already knew that.  Let's do a quick tally of the total cost of my 4th "free" horse;

  • Diesel for the trip to pick him up $140 
  • Meals for the trip up $30 
  • New halter $24 (Turquoise with zebra stripes - hell ya!)
  • New rain sheet (that it's too cold to wear) $59 - tax free sale - score!
  • 4 rolls of vet wrap, Epsom salts, wormer $30
  • Hoof heal - free borrowed from my mom - thanks mom!
  • Poultice - Nicole bought this for me - thanks Nicole and Dawn ;)
  • Emergency hoof trim - $40
  • Two bags of shavings added to the stall for extra comfort - $11

Grand total: $334.00

Not too bad so far!  I wish I could say the same for Indy's feet.  They are a disaster.  It looks like it was a while since his last trim, and they are full of thrush and the soles are extremely weak.  I was lucky to have my parents neighbor come over and do an emergency trim on him.  He has a really bad abscess in his right hind and is on three legs at the moment.  I was able to pierce it last night and some puss and blood came pouring out.  

day 2 before trim

ignore the poultice...see the shelf at the toe??

wtf is going on here

  We did a 20 minute soak and poultice last night.  Now it's wrapped and he's out with Miss Pen for the day. His feet look miles better already since his trim and daily washing.  We won't be doing any riding any time soon...which is fine because my ring is still covered in snow (I'm not bitter), and I think this horse has earned a vacation.  

  His manners are impeccable, him and Penny love each other to pieces already, and I mean really...his face is too cute for words.  So while a free horse may never truly be free, they may be worth the extra effort and cost if you give them a shot.


  1. My horse was "free" but definitely wasn't really free, haha. He's such a cutie!

  2. I don't even want to know how much my free horse has cost me.

    1. tally it up...don't be scared! hahaha

    2. Hey, mine had an 11 day stay at OVC and major surgery three months after I got her! :-D :-P

  3. Mr. Indy is a handsome fellow! Hope those feet heal up quickly for you!

  4. God, I cannot get past how adorable he is! :)

  5. What a sweetheart! He was worth it for sure :)

  6. Hey, you don't have to explain to anyone about getting another horse. Sheesh - people can keep their opinions to themselves!

    Also, Suzie was "free". LOL.

  7. My $500 horse - costs me basically nothing besides basic maintenance and feed.
    My horse that cost 50x that much - I don't even want to think of how many thousands and thousands were poured into her for no avail!

  8. Heh. I have a freebie too, and yeah, it isn't. ;-)

  9. Free? Bwahahahaha! Looks like those feet have potential to be pretty solid with some work, fingers crossed!

  10. He is such a stunner - nothing in life is free. He is one lucky beggar for falling into your capable hands and he doesn't even realise it yet.

  11. Cute! Can't wait to see what he can do! Enjoy all the snuggles for now though!

  12. Glad his feet (well...his everything lol) are under your loving care!

  13. He sure is adorable though!! Those feet definitely need some TLC, poor guy. And agree, there is no such thing as a free horse.

  14. Most definitely free is never free. Congrats on the new acquisition, I'm sure he will thrive under your car!

  15. good luck whipping those feet into shape!! glad to hear he's a good patient :)

    and your post title is very accurate lol. someone just asked a friend what she paid for her horse. very nonchalantly she said, "$1." then, pregnant pause, "and of course the $8,000 colic surgery shortly after." yeppers sounds about right!

  16. A horse dollar is really the equivalent to a quarter in real life. Or at least that's what my husband tells me when I talk about board cost :), Indy is gorgeous!

  17. They're never really free, but I swear that some times the free ones that just need a little extra care end up being the best ones. It's like they appreciate how much better they feel because of you and are more appreciative :)


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