Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nuthin' But A Dirty ol' Snowman Happening

  You can see from the pictures...not much happening here.  It snowed today...and it stayed on the ground.  It's still cold.  The snow is melting in the slowest possible way.  I might be going a little insane if I can't get riding more soon.

  Nicoles brother took the opportunity to build a snowman here.  After Dirk had a little grooming, we went over to investigate.

that is Canadian sexy horse gear right can't find that shit at Dover..Kentucky Wildcats reppin'

you wanna piece of me?

such a suck now!

what, no nose??

  That was actually snowman #2, Ozzy saw the first one, darted out of the barn and destroyed him in about 2 seconds flat.

Winter, you can get the hell out anytime now.  Anyone down South want to get married so I can move?  Hanging on by a thread...signed frozen and alone in Canada.


  1. Dirk is getting so big!
    Hope the snow disappears soon (sorrynotsorry snowman)

  2. If Beka's ok with it I'm up for another wife.

    1. I'm a good catch...have my own hobbies...make a good living, and you can use my free health care in Canada when you need it ;) hahaha

  3. aww boo snow!! the forecast for tomorrow is calling for snow here in MARYLAND... so even being south of the mason dixon line isn't quite enough to be considered safe. anyway good luck and hope it dries up soon!

  4. You guys still have snow?!!

    I'm in BC and we have NOTHING on the ground anymore. Of course, it's pouring rain though.

  5. Bummer! But Dirk and his buddy are super cute together!

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  7. hope you and the herd are doing well - i miss your updates!!

  8. Very cool, we dont get snow here in Australia where I live so its a novelty for me! I guess it must get annoying being that cold all the time!

  9. I really liked this post. You look so cute tn those pictures. I hope you are going to have fun this winter too. Keep sharing!!!!!

  10. I don't know if you have updated your blog or decided not to write anymore but I can't see anything past this blog. Your blog actually inspired me to start my own blog ( and so I'd be very sad if you weren't writing anymore. I loved reading your updates about all your four legged friends!


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