Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Life, New Garden

  It was hard leaving my beautiful turn key farm with all the fancy amenities.  It was not hard leaving the bad memories.  What was really hard, was leaving my garden that I spent 6 years developing, growing, planning, organizing and watching bloom every summer.  I have had a love for big, bright flowers everywhere since my late teens.  I have learned a tonne from reading, and trial and error.  My new farm is what you would call a "fixer-upper".  That is an understatement though.  It was more like a glorified animal hoarder, garbage dump with an old Victorian house sat in the middle. Not exaggerating.

this is after much was already cleaned up

where my wild flowers are now...the entire place has already transformed

 Starting a new garden from scratch is sad, but also very rewarding. Plus it is an artists dream because you can shape it anyway you like.  I made two gardens this year, beside my side door.  The whole area was littered with about 2 feet of garbage, and one area had rabbit hutches before and I shit you not (pun intended) - 2 feet of old rotted rabbit shit.  It took me 2 hours to shovel all that rabbit shit out and it was not an easy job!  I made a perennial bed beside my house and a wild flower bed across from it. The wild flowers I used one of those Miracle Grow shakers and also the free seeds from Cheerios they were giving out this year to help the bee population.

  With a lot of hard work, and garden is blooming for the first time.  The rocks around the parameter were all pulled from the barn.  The flowers except for a couple, were all taken from my family and friends gardens.  I'm really pleased with how well it is coming along for the first year.  Next year after I redo the front porch and roof, I will do the front gardens.  For now my dad built me a nice big flower box and I will probably plant something there in the next few weeks.



Bee balm

in the wild flower garden

black eyed susan

phlox in the wild garden

a flower basket on the barn

probably should just be a XC right?

before bloom - the "garden of weeden" LOL


  1. I hope to one day have the time to garden <3 There are so many beautiful flowers in this entry that I didn't even know existed. Wow! I can't wait to see future photos.

    1. it is one perk of having a much smaller farm :)

  2. I love beautiful gardens and Victorian houses. Glad you're settling in to your new place.

  3. Beautiful garden!! I love mine too :)


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