Friday, July 28, 2017

Tomorrow, We Ride

  I'm going eventing tomorrow.  I'm taking Indy.  We are doing Entry level (BN).  I'm nervous as hell.  Not because I'm scared, but because I am really super competitive and want to kick ass.  I know there is a little ditch and bank on the course. I know that Indy likes to look at them, I also know we are well versed in schooling them.  I also also know that when you focus on one fence, it's usually some random baby log that ends up tripping you up.

 I'm not scared of Entry level, but it is really amazing how you can get so nervous on a level depending what horse you ride.  Indy has proven himself solid at the Pre-Entry level. He finished on his dressage score at the 4 events he has done and was top 3 in all but the first event.  He is a bold and careful jumper.  He is quiet and rideable in the dressage.  So why am I still nervous?  I don't get nervous going Training level with Penny.  I know she will jump anything. My nerves seem dependent on the horse I am riding, and how competitive I may be that day.  The unknown makes me nervous.

excited for this!!

excited for this too!!!

I guess sort of excited for this lol

 I know people say, just aim to finish with a number not a letter, but that's not how I roll.  I show to be competitive.  I train to be competitive.  I want to be competitive...but that isn't always the case.  The ironic thing is at the end of the day, whether I win or get eliminated, I always have fun.  I am still beaming after cross country.  I am still proud of my horse and myself for going out and giving it everything we have.

 So regardless of how our "big" upgrade goes tomorrow , and regardless of how bad I want to win, I will be thrilled if we make it around.  I am excited to spend the day eventing with one of my closest friends.  I am excited to take Indy to the next step on our journey.  I am excited that maybe, just maybe, we can bring home some satin, and have a great time doing it.

  Now to ride, braid, and pack the trailer!!!

Indy is excited too


  1. I hope it went well for you guys! Can't wait to read the details!!!

  2. I hope you guys rocked it! And had fun of course. I am the same way! I had to stop competing for several years because I used to beat myself up due to my errors, despite if I did well or not. That is hunters for ya... lol

  3. I hope it went well and you guys kicked some ass! I'm the same way when it comes to being nervous...not because I'm afraid I'll fall or whatever- I just want to win and my guy hasn't exactly been the most consistent jumper. Can't wait to hear how Indy was!


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