Monday, July 17, 2017

What`s new with Indy

The last I wrote about Indy was one of my last posts before my hiatus. This post I talk about how I 
came to get Indy, and how a free horse isn't really free.  After this post, I spent a good three months battling an abscess that had encapsulated his entire hoof.  One afternoon in my daily soak, poke, and wrap, the poke led to about 3 liters of blood pouring out of the bottom of his foot.  Good times, good times.  With a lot of hard work and dedication, we got that abscess cleared up!  I gave Indy the winter off following that summer, so he didn't really do anything until the following spring (2016) aside from a little ride here and there.  He was feeling like a whole new horse after the time off and I was excited to get working with him.

 Since I haven't really blogged about Indy before, I will tell you all about him.  Indy is 11 this year (same age as Penny).  He stands a thick 16.2, and is pretty much perfectly put together.  He is not only gorgeous to look at (total horse hunk), he is probably the most amazing horse I have ever met in his mind.  He has by far, the best work ethic I have ever seen.  If you show him something once, he has it down and tries harder each time you try it again.  He is quiet as can be.  He never spooks.  He doesn't do anything wrong, ever.  Well except maybe kick his stall if you are late for breakfast.  That is pretty much the only unacceptable thing to Indy.  Also, he is obsessed with Penny. Like, stalker fan girl. But that's OK. If his only flaw is loving Penny too much, well, join the club Ind.

 Indy was the first horse I rode after breaking my leg.  In a western saddle, and a leg cast, I taught lessons on his back, and hacked around the property. He never wavered. Never a foot wrong.  Just totally taking care of me.  I have never in my life been lucky enough to own a horse that was so well minded, that I could pull him out of a field, only track broke, and ride around with a broken leg and not have a care in the world.  He is truly one of a kind.

Don't tell my DR

Western poneh

  In the fall of last year after getting my cast off, I was having major horse withdrawal.  I started riding him a bit, and also had Bri start him over some cross rails to get him going.  I decided I would take him to an event at the end of season, just starter level and see what happens.  After about 60 days training tops over the course of a year - we went - and finished on our dressage score to place 8th out a big division.   I was ecstatic!  Indy sat outside the rings, watching the other horses.  For each division, I could see him sizing up the competition.  Looking at the others, seeing what job he was supposed to be doing. He knew he was there to perform, he just didn't know WHAT he was performing yet.  I could feel his heart racing through the saddle but he never once showed any sign of excitement or stress.  I guess that's what makes the difference in a winning racehorse.

  After his first event, we did an unsanctioned event at Entry level (BN) and had another great day. We had a run out at a big brush fence that was entering the woods and I just don't think he even saw what it was.  The brush was 3'6 behind which was a bit crazy for Entry but he jumped it second attempt no problem. We finished that event in 8th also.  We did one last event, at Will O Wind farm, and we finished on our dressage score to place 3rd in a large group with all the pro riders.  I was over the moon!  This horse was showing mass potential with what little training he had and also my leg only half working.

That's right ladies...satin

  Over the winter we concentrated on dressage.  I didn't ride a whole lot this winter although I did manage to keep him going fairly consistently.  With moving farms my life was a bit hectic to say the least.  By spring we were getting a lot more consistent rides in, and we completed two horse trials this spring, both at the Pre-Entry level, where he finished on his dressage score to place 2nd, and win the last event.  Needless to say, he has caught onto this eventing thing quite well and seems to be loving it.

  We are looking toward the big upgrade to Entry level (he he) in the next few weeks.  He is still unsure of ditches, so I want to solidify that before we enter another event.  He will go over them but wants to stop and look for a bit first. No sense in wasting his legs until he is %100 confident over them.  In the meantime we are doing a lot of dressage, schooling, and jump lessons.

 It is uncertain how far Indy will be able to progress in eventing. With 77 starts he has had a long hard life already.  I will continue with him until he let's me know he is no longer happy.  He owes me nothing, I am just forever grateful to have this reliable, talented, fun, and sweet horse to wake up to every day.

2nd place at Cherrylane Horse Trials

Winner at Ottawa Horse Trials


  1. Oh man, what a special (and beautiful!) guy!! To me, there is nothing more special and perfect than a good minded, thinking, and experienced ottb (in fact that's exactly what I sought to buy for myself as my first horse haha). I'm looking forward to following your progress with him!!

  2. What a cool guy!! And totally gorgeous.


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