Friday, July 14, 2017

What's new with Miss Pen

    Writing out that last post effected me more than I thought it would.  It is good to know because the rest of story of the saga of 2016 gets a lot more intense so I think it will take some time to get it all out here.  Writing is incredibly therapeutic though, it helps you work through your thoughts and emotions in a way that talking about it or thinking about it can not.  At least that is my experience.  Anywho, just thought I would give an update on what all my ponies have been up to since I was last here. 

  In 2016 as some of you know, I broke my leg very badly.  I will share that story another time I'm sure, but it left me out of the saddle for almost the entire year last year.  I was really hoping 2016 could be "our year", but you know how it goes when you make plans with horses!  It pretty much always turns to shit.  LOL.

  A few days before I broke my leg I picked up a new Thoroughbred mare who I named Veronica.  She is now living at my moms and being trained for the RRP.  I only have room for three at my new place, and I guess Ronnie hit the jack pot and got the OK to live at my moms beautiful farm.  To cut this story short Ronnie sliced her bum open very badly the first week she was at my old place and needed something like 17 stitches and a drain.  The vet was there every other day looking after the wound and since I was laid up with a busted leg - my boarders and friends also took turns cleaning it.

  The week after that, Penny got a strange virus and became very, very ill.  She was very lethargic, stiff, but still eating and no temperature.  The vet had thought Potomac but I was sure it was lymes. I have seen Potomac before and it just didn't look the same.  She was hooked up with an IV and monitored closely every day.  I was already an emotional mess from the beginning of the year, and the thought of losing Penny was devastating.  I cried so much in the spring of last year I doubt I will ever cry again lol.

cast off - being a groom and coach for Penny and Bri
  It turned out to be a tick borne virus, but not lymes.  She made a full recovery, and seemed to be feeling better than ever after.  Mid summer my boarder and sometimes student Bri started riding her to keep her going for me.  She took her to a few events at the Entry (BN) level and they had some good outings.  I thought it would be a good experience for Bri to do her first recognized event on a horse that was confident and fun.  There is nothing like eventing a horse that you never have to worry about whether they will go over the jumps or not!  Penny was unreal for Bri.  Her dressage was not great but that was to be expected as she is not the easiest ride in the first place and Bri at the time was just learning what it was to have connection with a horse.  But watching Penny show Bri the ropes of eventing while I was a gimp was what I needed that summer.  I realized just how special Penny was.  She was always amazing to me, but this just made her that much more amazing.

bit of a long one - just the way she likes it!

She's perfect

well deserved !

  I didn't ride her at all in 2016 after my cast was off. I considered it but my leg was still very weak and I figured it would be better to just give her some time off to relax and be a horse, with the goal in mind of 2017 being "our year".  I am now finally strong enough to ride her, and we have been going back to work slowly.  She has had a lot of work done to her mouth, and she is a much happier horse in her flat work.  We are working away at our dressage and not planning on anything until we can improve that.  I was going to add about our trip to Little Bromont but this post is already long enough so I will save that for another day.

 So although it is half way through the season, I am hoping we can have some good outings in the fall, aiming at Training Three Day, and a Prelim upgrade next year.

schooling the Prelim out of the water with Bri

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  1. it's so good to hear from you again - my feeds hadn't updated with the change of blog name but i'll get that all fixed asap. glad you're doing ok! my life kinda.... spiraled after breaking my leg too, and my break wasn't even that serious. bleh. but Penny looks great! hope to hear more updates soon - esp as you can get back out into the action again!!

  2. Aw so glad to hear you blog again! Been following on FB, but it's not the same! :)

    1. Agreed..looking forward to catching up with everyone!


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