Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Guinea Trump Towers

why they look like they're about to drop the biggest album of 2017? LOL
  When I moved to my new farm, there were rabbit hutches EVERYWHERE.  True story for you.  The people I bought the farm off of had over 40 rabbits and chickens at one time.  There was some neglect going on, and also some abuse from the husband to the wife from what I gather.  My lovely neighbor who has horses next door (no house), helped rehome all the rabbits before the house was listed for sale.  Some of the bunnies were in bad shape.  One in particular was paralyzed and had a 8 inch pile of rabbit shit under his bum since he couldn't move at all.  So sad, so maddening.

  My neighbor is a really kind soul though, she helped the woman deal with this mess and get the rabbits new homes etc.  Apparently it was the husbands hobby, and you can tell he spent a lot of time making these hutches which were actually quite nice. With fancy latches and a water system that went throughout the entire property.  It's unfortunate he didn't use that energy to actually ya know, care for them.  Or ya know, take his garbage out instead of just throwing it out in the yard.  One winter it was really cold, so they moved all the rabbits and their cages into the house.  I'm not joking. When I was cleaning the house when I moved in I was surprised I wasn't having an allergic reaction because there was cat hair everywhere and I am deathly allergic to cats.  Figured out why...that wasn't cat hair. :/

  The entire barn was filled with rabbit hutches.  Outside the barn was rabbit hutches.  Beside the fences were rabbit hutches.  And with those rabbit hutches, were piles and piles of rabbit shit.  Remember how I said my garden was built where there was once 2 feet of rabbit shit? Yeah, it was in the barn too, in front of the barn...basically everywhere.  I gave some of the hutches away to some friends who were raising rabbits, we pitched the rest into a dumpster.  All but one.  The hutch which is now referred to as, "Trump Towers".

the pool is a fav feature LOL

  You see I had a Guinea pig I named Donald Trump.  I actually named him this before Trump even was considering running for POUS.  I picked the name because he had a white patch on his head that looked like a tupee.  Then when all this Trump stuff started happening it became hilarious to have Donald Trump the Guinea Pig.  When I moved, the hutch I kept was in a lean too shed that is off the side of my barn.  I use this to store my lawn mower and what not.  It's 5 feet off the ground at face level.  Its about 14 feet long and 2 feet deep, and all the walls are mesh wire.  I put blue insualtion board on the bottom and bedded it.  It has one half that is 3/4 the length and a section that is 1/4 the length.  I keep my three girls in the big part and the one boy in the small part.

  Two months ago Donald Trump died of old age. I buried him in the corner of my yard, but his legacy lives on in Trump Towers.  I decorated the Towers with solar Tikki lights.  The Guineas now spend their days enjoying the outside air, safe from predators and the weather.  They really are living large. Turning the bad into the good, one thing at a time here at Pretty Little Farm.

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