Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Introducing Miss Valley Rocana

 No, that's not really her name.  But that's what I like to call her, because she looks a lot like Michael Jungs Fischerrocana.  I couldn't steal the Fischer part in case I get sued so I stole the Rocana part.  Plus it sounds awesome and fancy, and well, that pretty much describes Miss Valley Rocana to a T.

  Valley was gifted to me by an amazing friend/connection I have in the Thoroughbred industry, Linda.  I first met Linda through my horse Parker.  Linda had raised him from a foal, along with many other Thoroughbred babies on her farm here in Ontario.  I had already adopted the mare Veronica (formerly Rachel), through Long Run Thoroughbred Retirement Society thanks to the help of Linda.  Ronnie, who is now living on my moms beautiful farm is in training to become a fancy dressage horse.  Linda had contacted me in the fall of last year about Ronnies half sister that was coming back to her farm after being retired from the track.

she loves the attention and stands like a boss mare

 She was 3, a big dark bay and rumored to be a nicer mover than Ronnie, and the same temperament.  She said I needed this horse (ahh...don't do this), and that she was so nice that if I didn't take her she would be scooped up in a hurry and for a good chunk of change. Ahh...send me pictures please.  So she did.  I wanted her.   I knew I didn't need another horse. But wow, she was nice.  And Linda, and my other track connection Kaila have never once led me astray.  Their horses are always exactly what they say, and always nice, and sound, and virtually issue-less as Tbs go.  So I said I would take her. Figure the rest out later.

  It worked out that my first event in the fall of last year we were able to swing by and pick her up on the way home.  She was tall and leggy and a bit meek.  She loaded right onto the trailer. Bonus.  She came home and I threw her in an empty stall (hard to believe I had one eh).  She was a bit timid and shy at first.  It took her a few weeks to really settle. Right away I noticed how vocal she was.  She loves dinner and breakfast and always calls out to me as soon as I open the door so that was pretty adorable.  Another thing I noticed that although she was a bit shy, she was very brave about exploring her surroundings.  Then, when she was turned out for the first time I noticed what a mover she was.  Wow, can she move.  Big, floaty, fancy trot mover.  Miss Valley Rocana.

  I took my time with her getting to know her.  Brushing her every night and getting her used to her new life off the track.  She hated having her mane combed or her under belly touched.  She was fine if you tied her though so I would do that every night to brush her mane.  Over time she became more and more outgoing.  Not hiding when I went to pat her.  Coming to see me out her stall door.  When I moved farms my horses had to stay at my parents for a month and she started to come out of her shell even more.  With that her very sweet and kind personality started to shine. She is just an absolute sweet heart.  I rode her for the first time in the comfort of my moms arena and she was honestly foot perfect.  She was relaxed, quiet, and even reaching down to stretch. OK then...this was promising.

such a silly mare


  I started working her more regularly at my new farm, just a month ago.  She has an incredible work ethic.  Although she loves to call for her friends, she gets less vocal every ride, but it doesn't detract from her work.  She does exactly as asked with no shenanigans.  She is really quite a dream to be around.  Her canter is so naturally balanced and her trot so incredibly floaty.  I have been taking it very slow with her just working on the very basics.  Being only 4, we are in no rush.  She is signed up to do the Retired Racehorse Project in October in Kentucky.  I will asses whether she is ready or not at a later time.

  Valley is a big bay mare.  She sticks 17hh on the dot and has a large barrel and long legs.  She has a huge shoulder, and big nostrils. She is short backed and uphill.  She is pretty much built to event.  With her brave curiosity, I am excited to see how she is over fences.  She is by Vibank out of Serenity Prevails.  She has Storm Cat, Bold Ruler, and Deputy Minister lines, let's not forget Northern Dancer and Vice Regent.  She is related to Jessica Pheonix's Exponential and she looks very similar.

just chillaxin on the long rein

such a good girl

gotta have the derp in there too

baby stuff

just her normal trot lol

 She is my future event horse I hope.  She makes me smile every single day and I enjoy working with her always. Eventer or not, she will be with me always.  This is Miss Valley Rocana everyone.


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