Tuesday, August 8, 2017

XC Schooling at Abydos

  On Sunday my friends and I headed to a local farm to do some cross country schooling.  Almost everywhere has been closed this year because of all the rain we have received, so when Abydos opened up we were pretty pumped to head over.  Although all their jumps were not ready, there was a couple of fields with everything we needed.  Bank, ditches, water, and lots and lots of coops!

  There isn't much to say other than we had a great time. Indy was absolutely perfect, albeit a little excited and strong.  He went down the big bank easily, and over the ditch - both the small and the big one first time no problem.  He also went right into the water.  I was able to put a course together and work on keeping him off his forehand and get accustomed to the type of ride he needs. Still getting used a horse that isn't all sit up and wait. This is the type of outing we need more of.  Lots of practicing actually galloping and stringing fences together.

  We did all Entry and Pre-Training fences and he didn't hesitate or look at anything.  He was jumping really nicely out of stride and we just had an absolute blast.    I will let the pictures tell the story.  With another outing like this we will be ready to tackle Entry level again. I will have to do another post with the pics of my friend Katies pony Cross.  Shes 19, 12hh, and BEAST xc.  Seriously. You gotta see this thing.

warming up in the stadium ring

my hunky horse

over the liverpool with water

not sure what happened here, new style? LOL
Remember my old horse Archie? Here's Dana and him - shes 9 or 10 months post baby, hes 17 now

warm up fence

me trying to not touch his face

getting the hang of these drops

sneaking in a pic of the super pony

majestic as f*ck

ditches now our bitches

swoon <3 font="">

making it look easy

3ft coops no prob

this was first part of a 4 stride bending line

2nd fence in the line

trying to be a wing for my friends pony - getting run over

Indy was displeased with this

she can jump though!!

note Indys face now LOL NO TOUCHY
all smiles

well deserved face scratch


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. The pony is super cute too.

  2. omg. i love him. that is all.

    except also. damn, drops were never a thang on my last little arab mare. i could sit up there and sit a cuppa tea while cantering off some giant drop into water. the new big guy tho? i can barely trot off the lowest level drops. wtf. sigh. indy looks great. must channel that look in my own schooling haha!

    1. *sip a cuppa tea. dammit lol

    2. funny how different they can be. Just trying to do so many he becomes bored!

  3. Hahaha, Indy's face in the pony pictures! He looks great and ready for the next HT!

    1. He was not please with little Miss cross hahah


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