Friday, August 11, 2017

Yet We Still Improve

  It has been adjustment moving from a 17 acre farm to a much, much, smaller one.  There is not much room here.  There is no wash stall (yet).  There is no cross country I have built for the last 6 years.  There is no 200x180 groomed professionally installed ring to ride in with big arena lights at night.  Yet here I am, riding two horses a night.

  The footing in my "ring" is just dragged grass.  The ring is uneven although fairly flat.  It can be hard.  It can be lumpy.  I pick rocks and sticks out of it every day.  There is no fence around it, no gate.  There are no lights, no fancy jumps or room to do whole courses.  Yet here I am, riding in the darl, and my horses are improving.

    I might not be able to school big gymnastic lines at home like I used to.  I might not be able to go out on the cross country and get my horses brave before an event.  But I am out there, riding.  There are some dead trees we jump.  There's a natural ditch I put two wood poles on either side, and we trot over it.  It might not be fancy, but yet here we are, riding.

  The biggest change I have noticed in down sizing my farm and not having boarders, is that I have much more time to ride.  To stand in their stalls, and just hang out.  Sure there is work to do. Things to fix. Things to build, improvements to be made.  But here I am, riding.  Almost every day, my horses are working.

And the funniest thing of all?  They are going better than ever.  Penny has improved more in the last two months than she has the entire time I have owned her.  Indy steadily improves and we are becoming a team.  Valley has noticeable improvements every single ride.  So what is the magic that is happening?

  You don't need fancy, you just need functional.  You just need a dream and a plan.  At least for me that's it.  I am the happiest I have been in a long time, and it is reflecting in my riding and thus, in my horses.  There is no excuse not to ride.  I'm riding in a bumpy field in the dark, but my horses and I don't seem to mind one bit.


  1. A dream and a plan - I love it. And agree completely.

  2. Amen to this post. I hear you. I'm not really a fan of where I board, the people who ride regularly are really ...just not nice people and not safe in a horse sense, I can't really get to shows, no jumps/poles supplied, all my own and the ring is tiny. But I just don't have the money to board at fancy places. So, I get up at 5am to ride to avoid the drama and trolls and I'm pretty sure I/horse improve more than many who really spend the bucks.

    It's about dedication, love and desire .... *High five girl*

    Glad to hear of your success and happiness!

    1. exactly! and smart plan getting up early to avoid the BS

  3. This really speaks to me.

    I have access to a riding arena, but it's a 40min hack round trip. Sometimes we just have to work with what we have at our disposal. Glad it is working for you.

  4. I admire the get it done attitude. How are you doing riding in the dark? I'm curious because my barn has no electricity and I've been wondering about riding at night anyway.

    1. I usually ride until it's completely dark. Otherwise my horse can see just fine. But I am going to install solar lights around the edge - I have some bright ones for my barn already and they really help.

  5. Love this. :-) You sound so much happier than you used to.


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