Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pretty Little Farm...The Beginning

I made this, amazingly lol

  It has been 18 months since I officially moved to my new farm.  My old farm was seemingly perfect.  It was set up for horses, nice huge lit ring, heated garage, and the XC course I built myself that took me countless hours of blood sweat and tears.   The farm however, did not leave me with good memories.  In fact the opposite, too many bad memories to be able to stay there.  For other reasons involving my safety,  I had to sort of disappear. I will write about this some day when I feel ready, but today is not that day lol.

  Leaving a farm like that was heartbreaking, it was basically the farm I dreamed of my whole life.  But I tried to see things in a bigger sense.  New life, new farm, new start.  When I decided to sell my farm, the market in the area I moved to was gaining momentum.  With my lowly budget, and the need for room for my horses and dogs, the choices were slim.  Land is expensive.  Houses are expensive.  Horses are expensive.  Lucky for me though, I have an awesome realtor who knew exactly what I was looking for, and how to get it.

  I looked a couple of really rough places, but they didn't have either water or septic, or the cost to repair was too great.  Then my realtor messaged me one morning at work and said there was an old place just listed, in my budget and with a little land a little barn.  But I would have to act fast.  She asked if we could meet her at lunch to check the place out as there was already a lot of interest.

  My dad and I met up with her on my lunch break.  The house basically sold itself for me.  A gorgeous century farm house, in need of some major TLC.  The bones were good though and that's what mattered.  There were a couple of paddocks, a shelter, and an old barn in dire need of repair but it was all workable.  Both neighbors on either side had horses, and there were no close houses.  The one neighbor used the properties water in exchange for money, but I proposed the exchange be for use of one her paddocks instead which she thought was a fine deal.  Looking at this house, my imagination ran wild with the possibilities. 

This is still 6 months after move in and clean up

  I put an offer in while there were a boatload of people still wanting to see the place.  There were people pulling over to see the house while we were there!  Let me be clear, this place was actually a total dump.  There was garbage EVERYWHERE, like everywhereeeeee.  The barn was a disgusting mess.  Lets be serious, so was the house.  But I'm an artist, and I can see potential.  I'm a dreamer, and no dream is too big.  Plus I work my ass off, so I knew I could handle anything.  The offer was accepted by the one owner, but the other decided he didn't wan to sell and was going to be difficult (it was a divorce situation).  

  So back to the search it was.  Only a day later I got a call from my realtor that he had changed his mind, and that the little farm was mine!  It was a scary, but exciting time.  I listed my farm shortly after and actually sold it before it ever technically hit the market.  My old farm didn't close until the end of April, where the new one closed end of December.  This worked out nicely, as I had time to move my entire farm over a 4 month period, and also do some work to the house to get it OK for move in, the barn needed a complete reno before the horses could move in.  Thank god for those 4 months. I'm not sure if you have ever moved an entire farm before but let me tell you, do not recommend.

The gables are SO unique but also made it 10x harder to find someone to do the roof

chicken coop that I tore down

really elaborate but they neglected their animals so??

my favourite leaking chimney pipe NOT lol although sold it on Kijiji so not the worst thing ever

dont let the snow fool you, theres a lot of garbage under there!

thats the back yard....with 6 ft thistles lol

One paddock that was actually in decent shape

rabbit hutches EVERYWHERE

literally everywhere

a fav detail under the porch that was barely standing

a bit rough

  Cue the giant clean up, and barn building mission over the next few months to get it ready for the horses.  The mess itself was a lot worse than what you saw at first glance.  I had my work cut out for me that is for sure.  It didn't matter though, I had my own farm, and me and my animals were going off for a fresh start and a whole new adventure, in a big old farmhouse like I had always wanted.  

  One of the first days at the new farm, working away, listening to some JT and dancing away, I came up with the name Pretty Little Farm.  It works in a few ways, and has kept my vision alive throughout the last year and a bit as I work to make this pretty little farm, my new home.  Or should I say, "our" new home :).

it has hands down, the best views though!


  1. ooh i love this post. SO COOL how you saw the possibilities. I thought we were crazy enough jumping on our place as it they had trash everywhere here too! UGH

    So glad you found it. It looks like it will be a lovely place for you to be happy at ;) The house is very neat looking too. I love old houses (but not sure I have the will power to fix one up) HA

    Pretty Little Farm. Love it!

    1. Thank you! I have questioned my sanity many times over since buying it, but I absolutely love it here.

  2. I absolutely love the house! So pretty, and so much potential too.

  3. As hard as it must have been to leave the facility of the old farm, I totally get the fact you had to move on! I love the new place!

  4. So much work.

    But it really has all paid off. Well done :)

  5. Wow that house! Those details! And the gables!!I love so much and would also have totally put in an offer and shoveled trash for months. I can see its potential! Love!!

  6. aw i love the name - looks like a really charming and special farm to start fresh. love the quilt pattern on the barn wall!

  7. Congrats on your new farm, and I wondered why you disappeared from blogland but figured there was a good reason.

  8. What a cool looking house. I am not up for that much work, but kudos to you for taking it on.

  9. What a cool property! I love your barn quilt square.


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