Friday, November 9, 2018

Presenting, Miss Emmy

  I knew I would eventually need to get another horse.  Having 2 horses at home, and taking one away to lessons and shows doesn't really work.  Having a small herd, the horses are a bit more attached to each other than you would find in a bigger barn.  It would stress one of them out too much being alone.  My mom had agreed to let me bring my two girls to her place for the winter so I could keep riding with the arena.  That would give me time to look and plan for a new horse in the spring.

  I got a message from a good friend and track connection, (actually, the girl who gave me Indy) that a horse I had been following for maybe a year and a half, that I was interested in, was getting ready to retire.  The video I had seen back then was of my friend riding this girl.  She looked so cute, and tiny, which was what I wanted in my next horse.  I looked at her pedigree back then and some of the names I wasn't familiar with, but others I was and I liked what I saw.  I also watched some of her race play backs, and loved the way she shot out of the gate.  She ran like she would be a good show jumper.  My friend confirmed she thought the same, that she had the best canter around, like one you can ride all day long.

that face pretty much sealed the deal

  I called the owner and we went back and forth a little bit, she was going to run once more and then she could retire and be mine.  I was trying not to get too excited until I had her home.  You just never know with these deals.  It ended up being that she retired the day we said goodbye to Indy.  I went up to Woodbine Racetrack and got her a few days after.  First impressions were that she wasn't as small as expected, she sticks 16h.  But she is tiny in another sense, that she is very fine boned, short backed, and uphill.  I was quite pleasantly surprised by how nice her body looked.  Other than being quite thin, she had a great build for dressage. 

  Her legs seemed very fine, and maybe a bit crooked, but hard to tell if its the way she is standing being race fit and body sore on her racing plates.  She was very very sweet and friendly.  She walked right onto the trailer and was quiet the whole way home.  Once home she went happily into her stall and starting eating hay.  We went at 4 am to get her so she stayed in with the girls for a few hours when we got home, then I turned them all out together.  Penny and Valley are both not really aggressive whatsoever so I wasn't worried about them.  More about them running around like idiots which I knew was going to happen.  I booted them all up to the nose, and set them free.

in her new stall

Penny being so welcoming

having fun in the barn

  I was a bit worried bringing home this horse, never having met her. Only seeing a short video and some race videos.  I was hoping she wasn't a Thoroughbred who suffers from lack of movement, like the sewing machine trot thing.  It's not a deal breaker for me, but getting more into dressage I would love something with a bit of movement.  Well, I can happily say I was pleasantly shocked when this girl went for her tour around the paddock in this absolutely gorgeous floating hock actiony trot.  She was so fluid and moved so easily.  I honestly couldn't believe how nice she was!

  I messaged my friend and thanked her again for hooking me up with her, and that wow she was right, she was F A N C Y.  I am thankful for friends with such amazing eyes for horses.  I watched them for hours as they did their herd dynamics, and they would all go running off together, this girl looking like Pepe le pew doing this arab bouncy canter with her tail straight in the air.  I had to laugh because I have been saying for ages how I want an arab, and it looks like I got one in Thoroughbred form.

Valley finally has someone her own age to hang with.

  It took a few days for the girls to accept her into their world.  They still aren't too keen on sharing the round bale, but otherwise they seem to have settled into their new herd.  She is absolutely loving her little routine of turn out all day and coming in at night, getting her feet picked out and her blankets changed.  She is eating her grain like crazy and hopefully we can get some weight on her for the winter.

 Her name is Emmy.  She is 5, registered Thoroughbred under the name Flamenco Dancer.  She's part of the Boss Mare family now.


  1. She is beautiful! I can't wait to hear more about your adventures together :)

  2. Oh she’s lovely. I love both her names! Congratulations!

  3. She is such a cutie! Congrats on a gorgeous new horse! :-)

  4. Omg congrats!!!! She is lovely, really elegant look to her! Can’t wait to hear how she gets going!

  5. Arab in TB form, indeed! Can't wait to hear about your future adventures with this pretty little thing.

  6. Such a lovely face!! Can't wait to hear how she lives her new job :)

  7. I love her! She has such a sweet expression.

  8. She's adorable! Congrats. Looking forward to watching her blossom with you :)


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