Monday, November 5, 2018

Thank You All

  From the bottom of my heart I can not thank everyone enough for all the kind words and support over the loss of my beloved Indy.

  The other day driving home on the highway, a sports car passed my mom and I.  He sat in front of us for a while while we drove.  The license plate read "Mr. Indy".  I can't help but think Indy was there, and he was showing me he was running fast and free now and letting me know he is OK.

  I am thankful for you all, and the local horse community who show they care when it matters most.



  1. One of the things that helped me a lot was the support and love I got from other bloggers when my horse died. I could share what I was feeling and they would just listen.

    1. I hit reply too soon- I meant to add: take care of yourself and give yourself time (((hugs))))

  2. Big hugs, feel your grief completely, don't be scared about how much it continues to hurt. Grief takes a very winding road to completion and even then there will be a little hole that cannot be filled.

  3. Thinking of you <3

    Take time to do you - grief is a very complex and complicated thing. Don't feel bad for having bad days, and don't feel bad for having GOOD days <3

  4. I am so sorry <3 What a heartbreaking thing to have to go through.


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