Thursday, November 29, 2018

Valleys First Ride Back

Sass Val in the snow

  My Valley girl had her first outing to the rented indoor last night.  She hasn't been ridden in well over a month, due to the footing and just dealing with things like Indy.  She didn't exactly have a lot work done this summer either.  We started out strong, then she punctured her knee, and lost a chunk of her foot, plus she was growing like crazy and I was focusing more on Penny and Indy.  I did take her to the Short Course shows my friend Katie and I put on, but that was about it.  Honestly it's fine by me.  She's only 5, and I am #teamturtle all the way.

  Since this is a new place for her, and she has been out of work for a while I wasn't sure how she would be.  She walked right on the trailer no problems, walked into the barn and stood quietly on cross ties while I groomed her.  We were off to a good start.  Amazingly, she hung out while I groomed her and tacked up like she had done this a million times.  She side stepped a bit here and there but otherwise was just an angel.

  I took her into the arena and hand walked her around for about 10 minutes.  She thought the barrel in the corner was kind of scary so we went over to check it out.  She thought the mirrors were the absolute best thing since sliced bread and had to stop and check herself every single time we passed.  It was so cute!  Once we were relaxed in the arena I mounted.  

I left my phone at home so no ride pics sadly

  She walked off nicely and went right into work.  She was soft into my hand and was even carrying herself properly right from the get go. I honestly am constantly impressed by this horse.  A part of me just can't believe the brain on her.  We did a lot of walking around the ring, big circles, change of rein, just relaxed and really just getting comfortable in the arena.  Once nicely warmed up we went into some trot work.  I was happily surprised she was so relaxed, going into the bridle, listening and trotting out so nicely.  She felt so even and floaty.  I just kept telling her what a good girl she was being, because she really was being so good!  I could have trotted her forever, it was such a good feeling (in the words of Micheal Jung).

  It was hilarious, every time we would go by the mirrors she would turn her head slightly and check herself out, even trotting.  I was dying laughing!  What a total Valley Girl she really is.  We only did about 10 minutes of trot work to be safe. Since she has been out of work she probably isn't super fit, although my girls are very active in their turnout.  I untacked her, gave her a bunch of treats and we loaded up and went home.  Our first haul out was a total success.  I am so looking forward to getting down to business with this girl this winter and seeing what she will become.  I have some big dreams for  her!


  1. Too funny! She knows a good looking horse when she sees one!!

  2. Yay for #teamturtle! We are right there with you!
    Also- i love the bridle!

  3. What a great first ride back after her break. She's such a doll!

  4. Great that you had such a good ride after a break! P also checks himself out in mirrors- it's hilarious!

  5. Sounds like a great first ride back! She really is lovely!

  6. She sounds like a wonderful mare!


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