Friday, December 21, 2018

Bloghop: Favourites of 2018

  The $900 Facebook Pony Blog has given us a really fun blog hop.  Your favs of 2018! And since I am Canadian, I am spelling favourite the Canadian way despite what spellcheck wants me to use LOL 

Favourite Show picture

  Penny showing us her near perfect form over a skinny chevron, third part of a bank combination at her first event back.  My leg obviously needs work this winter and my stirrups are mess.

Penny and I back eventing after a long hiatus to work on dressage. She didn't miss a beat

Favourite non-show picture

  Indy and I schooling at Lanes End with friends.  It was rainy, hot as hell, and we all challenged each other to step up our game that day.  Really fond memories of this day.

I love this photo for simply showing what a beautiful animal Indy was

Favourite thing you bought

  I bought a new horse...that is pretty unbeatable.

has to obviously be my new girl, Miss Emmy!

Favourite moment on horseback

  Pennys first event back after 2 years of dressage work scoring a 38 which for us, was a huge success.  I actually cried. Over a dressage score. In a good way. Oy.

dressage iz pozzible

Favourite moment out of the saddle

2 days spent with Charlotte Dujardin was beyond inspirational

Favourite between the ears picture

Penny and I on the top of the hill at my parents #views

Favourite horse book or article

I've had this forever but just read it this summer...carried it everywhere with me.

Favourite horse ridden/groomed/cared for that's not your own

  Obviously this has to be the one and only Veronica.  My moms mare who I have been showing dressage.

I love the Ronnie Rocana

Favourite funny picture of your horse

I couldn't pick just one....

sorry ponies

Favourite jump you jumped successfully or movement you conquered

  Our first event back, these brush were massive and skinny in person.  Penny said "no-problemo".  The feeling of clearing these fences was indescribably.

Favourite horse meme or funny picture

hilarious and inspirational

  Let's see your 2018 favs!


  1. These are awesome! Congrats on a great year. :-)

  2. Love the first two pics of you and Penny

  3. Gorgeous pictures! The first funny one is EPIC :o

  4. OMG that first funny photo! GOLD.

  5. I think i would have to frame those funny photos!! LOLLOL...all the photos are amazing. Love the one of Emmy and the one of Indy too. Happy holidays!!

  6. I'm loving this blog hop and am so glad to see yours!!

  7. I think you win the award for best funny photos! <3


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