Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas from Boss Mare Eventing!


 I really wanted some cute Holiday photos with the girls.  It can be hard to decide who to use for the pictures with three horses.  Penny was out because last time I tried to ride her bareback in the field in winter she took off and tried to kill me. I haven't ridden Emmy yet and for some reason I thought this was probably not the best time to try LOL.  Valley is big and black and so I thought she would be just gorgeous for the photos.  I got dressed, grabbed my bf as photog and took Valleys bridle and wreathe out to the field.  She came right over, took her blanket off and put the wreathe on. She let me mount her and was really such a good girl as we tried to get started.  The problem was the other horses wouldn't leave us alone.  At first it was cute....then, Penny got jealous..

 'Twas the night before Xmas and all that I wanted
Was a Holiday photo that could surely be flaunted
The horses were nestled face first in their hay
while visions of dinner time they dreamed of all day
with a cute white basic onesie on me
and a wreathe with matching bow on my beauty black steed
When out of the back pasture arose such a clatter
Valley trotted off and I said - whats the matter?
Across the pasture we flew like a flash
almost tore the wreath off and ripped open my butt flap
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a Chestnut mare, coming at us, filling Valley with fear
With her sass mane toss all lively and quick
I knew in a moment that I would never stick
More rapid than eagles that red head still came
and I whistled and shouted and called her by name
Now Penny! Now Miss Pen!  now Boss Mare!!
Do get the hell away from us, now don't you dare!
She chased her she bit her she kicked her with glee
All with the goal to send someone to the North Pole - me!
I sprang off Valley to my feet and gave out a whistle
and Penny flew away like the down of a thistle
But I saw her head toss and return to my sight
I had to let go of Valley and turned to say
Happy Christmas to you girls, and have a good night!

Then I got the hell out of there before I died.

Horses.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!


  1. Oh my god- I laughed at that poem! It's amazing. Too bad there wasn't photo or video evidence of the commotion. :D :D :D
    Merry Christmas and I'm glad you are okay!

  2. This is amazing LOL Merry Christmas!

  3. LOL great poem and you lived YAY! :) And my first thought on IG why not on the gray then I went oh....LOL

  4. Those pictures are adorable!! Merry belated Christmas!

  5. aw haha these are adorable - hurray for surviving! merry christmas and happy new year to you too ;)

  6. That onesie is amazing! Happy holidays :)

  7. I know my tidings are late but I hope you had a lovely Christmas time!


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