Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Same Sire - Compare the Mares

Fresh off the track - hard to believe how much smaller Valley is here!

  My girl Valley and my moms girl Veronica are both by the Thoroughbred stallion Vibank.  Vibank was a fairly successful race horse at a young age then sort of fizzled out.  He was top earning sire a few years back though, and our girls did OK at the track for short careers.  You can certainly tell he stamps his babies as they both have the same beautiful dark bay coat he does.  I am constantly fascinated by analyzing the similarities and differences in these two mares.  It gives me a little glimpse into what a stallion passes and what a mare passes onto their kin.

Vibank PC: Pedigree Query.com

I think this is Ronnie in the back? I can't tell lol

Valley at the track

Ronnie at the track PC: Norm F

  So what is similar about Valley and Ronnie?  For starters they are both a beautiful dark bay.  They both have identical small white stars.  They are both SO unbelievably level headed.  You can give them a week, two, a month, or 4 off and when you ride, they are as good as they would be if they hadn't missed a day.  They are both easy keepers and good eaters.  Neither of them are spooky whatsoever.  Both have above average movement for Thoroughbreds.  I would say, above, above average even. They also both go in the same bit, a simple fat D hunter snaffle, in a plain cavesson.

Valley shortly after retiring from the track
Valley last summer - shes way bigger now
Ronnie this spring
Ronnie this spring

Ronnies first show

 What is different about the two Vs?  The first thing you would notice is size!  Valley is 17.1h, and Ronnie is 15.3h.  Valley is a year younger, but shes soooo much bigger.  Their conformation is different too. Valley is uphill with a huge barrel, and Ronnie is a bit sway backed, and sleeker.  Valley is very shy although she is coming out of her shell, whereas Ronnie is super snuggly and loves to cuddle.  Ronnie is a bit spicier than Valley (although never malicious), she can be a bit nappy at times, but Valley is always 100 willing.  Valley is more vocal and insecure.

Valley May 2018
Ronnie Aug 2018

  Since neither have done much jumping, I can't say how they compare there just yet.  I did however just find out, they have another 1/2 sister (a mare by Vibank) who has succesfully competed 2*.  She looks more like Ronnie in my opinion.  I can only hope the jumping ability was inherited from Vibank!

  Although it is taboo to call them sisters when they are technically 1/2 sisters, and for some reason in the Thoroughbred world it is frowned upon, I don't care.  I like to live dangerously.  I will continue to refer to them as sisters and now I will refer to this superstar mare above as their sister also.  Just try and stop me.  Also, I know I am a super stalker of this mare but I also don't care about that either.  She has given me great inspiration for the two Vs.   To know that one of Vibanks foals has gone on to event that successfully is really encouraging.

Valley Sept 2018
Ronnie Sept 2018 PC: Darlene Shantz
Valley Sept 2018 - big girl

Ron June 2018 - more my size

  I forgot one more thing the girls have in common.  They both won every single class they entered this year!  That was only 2 shows for Valley (Trot A Trail Short Course haha) and many classes for Miss Ron in the dressage ring.

Ronnie with some of her satin
Valley with hers

  Can you tell they are related?  Do you own any horse siblings?


  1. Haha yes that breezing pic, Ronnie is on the left. :-) I believe that's Minister on the right. As it turned out, Ronnie was a more consistent racehorse! :-) And I think the fact that R is more snuggly is because of me, hahahahaha. I had her from the time she was a weaner! Valley I didn't have till after she retired, and then only for those few weeks till you got her. ;-) JMOSHO. ;-)

    1. Ok I thought so, but like geeze they look alike LOL

      That is what I love to learn too, was it environment or genes? You definitely gave her the snuggle bug, and thank you for that!

  2. Omg no wonder I've been struggling to tell them apart in photos!! Haha! They're both so lovely, can't wait to see how they continue to develop. I've never owned siblings, but I really wanted one from Pig's line. Didn't happen. Meanwhile Bast's family is very consistent. Bast looks almost exactly like his sire, but with his dam's markings and neck (thank God). He has a foal on the ground who apparently takes after him, too.

    1. LMAO yeah, because clearly I can't even tell them apart sometimes! haha its much easier in person.

      I have tried to find Pennys siblings with no luck. Bast's relatives must all be just as gorgeous I would think!

  3. They're both so lovely, and you can't tell Ronnie is that small. She looks like a tank! I know all of Bobby's siblings and only one of them didn't come out a carbon copy of him which is unfortunate for them because that means they're all giant with weird body parts and pretty homely looking lol. EXCELLENT personalities though!

    1. ahhaha aww! I love seeing the similarities in their looks, its just adorable. Ronnie is turning into a bit of a tank LOL

  4. I feel way better knowing there's a reason I struggle to tell them apart! They are both lovely. And look at the springs on their sister!

  5. I didn't even realize how huge Valley is. Holy shit!!

  6. What a lovely set of mares <3 and so cool about the family connection! It’s so funny earlier today I was scrolling eventing nations post on the latest crop of Ottbs looking for homes, and was instantly struck by one. Turns out he had the same grandsire as Charlie lol.... and a goofy name to match (Larry)

    1. ha thats so cool...we certainly have our types dont we.

  7. What gorgeous mares! Loooove that dark bay.

  8. They look SO MUCH alike! Actually, all three of the sisters really do.


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