Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Mac that lives

  My beloved Mac died last summer.  It would turn on, then shut off.  Or turn on, and freeze.  This computer was probably 8 or 9 years old, and had worked absolutely perfectly every day up until that one day.  It was a hard realization when I couldn't revive it.  The guy at the local apple repair store told me it's not worth updating and trying to fix.  So I sadly stuck the computer in a spare room on a shelf and accepted the fact my Mac was dead.

  No computer makes blogging pretty much impossible.  Eventually I was able to use my boyfriends laptop to get blogging again and now his laptop has died.  A new computer was on the radar now but it will be a while until I can save for another Mac.  I was cleaning the house tonight and looked at my old Mac sitting on the shelf and thought "hmmmm why not, I'll try it".

  I took it downstairs, plugged it in, pushed the on button and like sweet music to my ears, I hear the trademark sound of when your Mac powers on.  This thing fired right up, and is working like its brand new.  I can't explain it, but it is probably the most exciting thing ever for me right now.  A good computer is like your favourite riding boots, comfortable and reliable.

  So, I can finally blog again.  2019 has started off on the right foot for me so far, and this is just another thing to keep the positive vibes flowing.  Penny and I spent the afternoon having a jumping lesson, and it feels like we are actually learning things together and improving.  It has been a good Sunday, looking forward to spending the night cleaning tack, and catching up on blogs with a glass of wine.



  1. Yay! Maybe it was just tired and needed a nap?

  2. yay!!! technology really is the worst sometimes, except when it works haha ;)

  3. my husband has a macbook that is at least 10 years old. still going!! And sometimes 'the rest' is all they need. :)

  4. Laptops typically only have a shelflife of 4 years so the fact you got 8-9 is noteworthy, I'd continue saving up for a new one if I were you and back up all your files now to make transferring things smoother.

    1. Yes this is a desktop - but I have wiped it clean and saved everything on a hard drive!

  5. I love my mac book pro. You can often find refurbished ones out there (sold by apple). That might be a way to go. I've had mine for 8 years now and it's going strong.

  6. I have an old 2006 *gasp* macbook, man I loved that thing... I have replaced 4 hard drives, 2 power supplies and some other duhicky. Though now it is currently lying, dea... resting, again, in my basement. Maybe I should also crack it out lol.


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