Sunday, March 3, 2019

100+ Thoroughbreds

  Ah, my dream.  A farm with 100+ Thoroughbreds all mine.  Just kidding, I wouldn't have enough time to love them all but it's nice to visit a place like this.  My friend Katie had to do a pick up of a sales mare at a Thoroughbred breeding and boarding facility a few hours away.  Having been basically stuck at home for most of the winter I of course jumped at the chance for a road trip to see all the Thoroughbreds!

  There were babies, weanlings, yearlings, 2 year olds, 3 year olds, boarders, stallions, broodmares....over 100 Thoroughbreds.  The ones I wanted were all in the $25,000 and up category so, I guess I have champagne taste on a beer budget.  I'll wait until they are done racing and need a home, thanks. 

  I just wanted to share the pictures to hopefully brighten your day this winter of shit weather.  Which ones do you like?
The owners JRT was making sure we knew who's boss

Cryptorchid gelding, also hock chip. But FREE, and gorgeous and only 3.  With some investment could be fabulous horse. Extremely well bred.

Better angle. 

3 Year Olds

Hello, swoon! Only $ By Old Forester

4 Year Olds

Broodmares. The left mare is my friends mares dam.

something cooking in that oven



  1. Love the bay with the diagonal sock! Someone call me when he's cheaper! 🤣

  2. That baby nose is too adoreable for words.

  3. Love the gray and the bay with diagonal socks!

  4. omg if there was not as much snow that would be like my fave day ever. My only thought was it looked cold ;)

    Gorgeous horses! (You should have brought the freebie home :) HA HAHA

  5. The Old Forester chestnut! I feel like he certainly sires 'a type' - there always seem to be a few of that breeding at the track that I'm wishing were mine.

  6. oh my gosh those babies are sooooo fluffy!

  7. These pictures made me so happy :) And why oh why do I want that gray?! I should definitely know better.

  8. Pretty sure we could stuff a few of those babes in out truck .... No one will notice! ;)


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