Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Welcome to the Boss Mare Eventing Blog


 Hi all and thank you for stopping by my blog.  Some of you may already know me as someone who blogged on and off for over 13 years under the blog name of "A Filly's Best Friend".  Blogging was always there for me through my 20s when I really was struggling through many aspects of my life.  It was a huge part of who I was and kept me sane and connected as I grappled with difficult periods of time in my 20s.  As life became more and more of a struggle, I had less and less time and desire to write and my blog fell to the wayside...neglected in cyber space. 

  I am happy to say that life is much more settled and less stressful these days.  With that comes the energy and head space to get back into writing, which is one of my biggest passions in life. With that, I am happy to be back here and looking forward to expressing myself and connecting with others through my blog. 

  Throughout it all one thing has remained constant in my life and that is of course, the horses.  Without the horses, who really knows where I would be, and who I would be right now.  They have kept me focused and given me reason to carry on day after day and for that I am grateful.  They also give me a reason to write this blog, so I hope you will enjoy sharing our journey.

  For those who are new here, I am a single woman in my 30s,  I recently bought into my dream farm and am working a professional career in the city.  I have three off the track Thoroughbred mares of my own; Penny, Valley and Emmy that I ride and compete in eventing and dressage in Ontario Canada.  I also ride and compete my moms Thoroughbred mare Veronica, in pure dressage.  

  Additionally on the farm are my three Australian Cattle Dogs Mojo, Marshall, and Stevie.  Two guinea pigs also make their home here;  Tartan, and Haggis.

  I am on a lifelong journey to learn as much as I can about horsemanship, and to become the best rider I can.  It is a journey many horse lovers can relate to, and I hope you enjoy following along in my experiences and also sharing yours with me along the way.



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